The Dirty Dozen

Committing to buying and eating organic can be expensive. I am a big believer in organic food, and it annoys me that it’s thought of as a trendy movement, or only for rich people or hippies. It is food that fuels us, we’re feeding the only body we get, why would we choose food contaminated by pesticides and other chemicals when we can eat food grown naturally? If Whole Foods is too much for your wallet to bear, there are other options. Check out local farmer’s markets, or farm-shares which offer baskets of organic produce on a weekly or monthly basis.

But if you’re struggling, and want to find out what foods you should definitely buy organic, look no further. I present….

The Dirty Dozen!

Well, it’s the dirty dozen and 88 runners-up. This is the Environmental Working Group’s list of the 100 worst produce you can buy non-organic, based on the amount of pesticide residue. Yuck. If nothing else, try to buy the top 12 organic.

They look so innocent, don’t they?