Three Treadmill Workouts (guaranteed to make you sweat)

I don’t know about you guys, but when I use the treadmill I need to use every trick in the book to stave off boredom. Having a set workout to follow makes the time go much faster. So I came up with three treadmill workouts for you to try, to keep you motivated next time you’re stuck inside for your run. Of course, I tried them all out as well and trust me, they are good ones!

Three Treadmill Workouts (guaranteed to make you sweat!)

Three Treadmill Workouts - Don't get bored on the treadmill! Try one of these guaranteed to make you sweat workouts for the treadmill to keep on running and maintain your fitness when you can't get outside for your run.

When I first came up with these, I posted Treadmill Workout #1 to my Facebook page. SURPRISE! It’s the hardest one (I think so, anyway). I ran it and I was a total sweaty mess afterwards. My advice is to start slow – be conservative with your speed in the beginning to avoid wanting to die at the end. This is the perfect example of seeing a workout on paper and not quite understanding how it’s going to feel when you’re in the middle of it. I started faster than I should have and suffered accordingly. 😉

Three Treadmill Workouts - workout #1

Then we come to Treadmill Workout #2. This is another running workout, but with walking breaks, so more along the lines of interval training. Where I’ve indicated “Repeat twice”, I mean repeat the run/walk combo two more times in addition to the first time (so each interval section takes 12 minutes).

Three treadmill workouts - workout #2

And last but not least is a walking workout, Treadmill Workout #3. Don’t be fooled – just because you’re walking it doesn’t mean it’s easy! This is a pyramid workout, where your incline goes up and then you come ‘down’ the other side. BUT! Just for fun! 😉 I decided to make the coming down part at a fast pace to keep up your intensity level. (Don’t worry, since the ‘down’ part is still basically walking up a hill this is still kind on your knees).

Three Treadmill Workouts - workout #3

Leave me a comment to let me know if you try any of these!

Do you ever do walking workouts on the treadmill?


  1. Great suggestions. I am always doing workouts on the treadmill. I tend to walk more than I run so when I do run it is more of an interval workout. And using the incline is a must!