Marathon Training Week 8 Update – Halfway there!!

Halfway, baby!! I can’t believe it. Only 8 more weeks and I’ll be on that starting line again. Lots of miles to go, but this week I definitely felt the training effects of half a marathon training program!

This week of marathon training almost felt like a holiday. My ‘long run’ was only 12 miles (and yes, I know I just wrote ‘only’ 12 miles, but I’ve reached the point where that feels like a break!). I had one day of intervals running, a warm up, then four mile repeats, then a warm down. I actually had to hold myself back from running too fast. It was a great feeling – the first time I really felt the fitness gains I’ve made in the past 8 weeks.

Marathon Training Update - Week 8

It was a good week to take a break – lots of room for quality family time, plus we had a fun night out celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. And it was a surprise party! So much fun. Oh, fyi? I still wear flats when I get all dressed up. I did think about wearing heels, but then it all seemed too much and I reverted to flat sandals.

Week 8 Marathon Training

LONG RUN: Rewind to 12 miles this week. It’s amazing to me how quickly when you’re in the middle of marathon training, 12 miles can seem like such a short distance. I have to tell you, though, when I headed out for this run, I was in a terrible mood. I felt really down, almost angry and I couldn’t figure out what was the matter with me. I rarely get this way and when I do, running helps. But this time, it felt like every mile I ran I just got deeper into a funk. Running is such a mental sport, I was sure my time would be awful, but I actually ran it right at the lowest end of my goal pace. Maybe because I wanted it to be over with already.

Oh, fuel update: Honey Stingers suck less than GU Chews. I know, damning with faint praise. I’m trying them again for this week’s long run…it’s not the taste, it’s the texture. My friend Gabby suggested Clif Shot Bloks, so I may give them a go, too.

Also, I wore my alternate training sneakers for the long run this week. I am a Mizuno girl, but I’ve been using these Sauconys for a few regular runs and speedwork, just to give the Mizunos a break. I may still get an extra pair of sneakers so I don’t put too many miles on whichever pair I decide to wear for the marathon, but I was surprised how good my feet felt in these.

Week 8 Long Run

One other update: one of my toenails has finally (nearly) bitten the dust. Well, it’s gone black, at least. Time for dark polish for a pedicure. Lucky it’s Autumn, right? Dark polish would just look wrong in summer. 😉 Also, I am sparing you the photo, but check out this crappy drawing of mine artists’ rendition of my poor toenail:

Marathon Training Week 8 - Black toenail

You’re welcome. So the upcoming week is not too intense, except for the longest long run of the training program so far…wish me luck!!


Do you alternate shoes when you’re training for a race?

What color should I do for a pedicure?


  1. I alternate shoes all the time!
    One of my favorite nail polish colors is a dark grey (almost charcoal) – I didn’t think I would like it but really do!!
    Glad you had a great week of training – on the downhill now!!