Marathon Training Week 9 Update – Reflection

I feel like I should be walking around knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder. Why? Because I am injury-free and feeling great, nine weeks into marathon training! In 2010 when I was training, I was suffering from ITB syndrome right around now and as a result, my long runs were not getting done. It makes such a difference to be able to build upon each previous week of training – I am definitely noticing the fitness gains. Workouts I’m repeating (with added intensity) from the first couple of weeks of my program are easier and faster. I have to admit, though, this week’s long run beat me up a bit.

Marathon Week 9

I may have mentioned this once or twice, but I am SO EXCITED to be running the NYC Marathon again. It’s still weeks away but I am itching to be lined up on that starting line again.

It sounds strange, but it’s almost a similar level of excitement I had about giving birth, so I could finally meet my baby I had spent so many months bonding with, without even the knowledge of whether he was a boy or a girl. It’s knowing that you’re about to go through an experience that is the culmination of a long time of training, planning, preparing, having your body change, being at times uncomfortable and in pain. It’s knowing that you’re about to find out how much you’re capable of doing and being. It’s knowing that things worth having, whether that’s an experience or a relationship, take time and struggle to achieve.

But I can tell you, there have been many times recently that I have also looked forward to just beyond that finish line, when marathon training is not a part of my weekly routine. I’ve heard so many times that runners spend every step of a marathon thinking how much they want it to be over and how they never want to run it again, only to start planning their next marathon about 5 steps past the finish. So I guess we’ll see…

Week 9 Long Run

LONG RUN: 17 miles. I had to rearrange clients this week, so the only time I had available for my long run was early Wednesday morning. Of course, that was the hottest day of the week, forecast as 92 degrees but supposed to feel like 100. It was also September 11. I can’t think of any other way I’d rather spend part of that day, than running a long run. Lots of time for reflection. I ran from my home to the Brooklyn Bridge and did several laps of it, before running back for the last couple of miles in Prospect Park. I still see everything that’s missing when I look at that changed skyline.

17 miles is no picnic. The first 13 miles were okay, then it was a bit of a head game – it occurred to me I had just essentially run a  half marathon and was tacking on an extra 4 miles to the end. My calves and hamstrings were pretty sore the rest of the day and throughout the next, but by Friday I was running again and feeling good.


What do you think about when you’re running?

What’s the longest distance you’ve run?



  1. HaHa – funny question today – 44 miles (last night!). Although I ended up walking the last 16 so I only ran 28 which isn’t really my record.