5 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

Since yesterday was International Women’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on ways we can support, encourage, love and empower the women in our lives. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day was ‘Make it Happen’ and making feminism and friendship happen always begins on the small scale – with the immediate women in your life.

Female friendship is powerful. Even at times in history when women didn’t have much power or control, the bonds and support formed through relationships and friendship with other women was an important way to work together and support one another. No matter what stage you’re at in your life, those bonds are important to maintain.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

In honor of International Women's Day, here are 5 ways to celebrate the women in your life, from the smallest gesture, to being inspired and inspiring.

Tell the important women in your life what a difference they’ve made to you. Whether it’s a relative, a friend, a mentor or someone you don’t know very well, if there’s a woman in your life who’s had an important effect on you, tell them about it! It’s such an amazing feeling to hear that you’ve had a positive impact on someone’s life and it can have a knock-on effect as well – if someone was to tell you that something you said, did or wrote had a powerful effect, wouldn’t it encourage you to continue trying to inspire others through your actions and words?

Remember that supporting always trumps belittling. Whether it’s specifically female jealousy, or just envy in general, sometimes no matter how loving and open we want to be, we hear of others’ good fortune and triumph and feel a little pang of, “Why her? Why not me?” It’s human, right? Even if you do have that initial impulse or feeling, it’s extremely powerful to act in the opposite way. Celebrate each other’s successes. Promote others. Share the love! Even if you don’t believe in the concept of karma, there’s no harm – in fact, there can only be good – in acting in a loving way and supporting others.

Make time for your female friends. How often have your relationships with your female friends suffered when you’ve found yourself busy with work, family, or other relationships? Make it a priority to make time for your friends and the women you love in your life. I’ve never regretted a date with a girlfriend, or a catch-up conversation with someone I love and I’m sure you feel the same way.

Read up on some of the most influential women in history. For book club this month, I’m reading a fascinating book called Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War. It’s incredible that during a period in history when women were often treated or regarded as second-class citizens, there were always those few who changed the course of history by not accepting a downtrodden role. You may not agree with the beliefs, politics, or motivations of influential women in history, but it can still be empowering to educate yourself on how women have bucked convention and followed their own path, inspiring countless other amazing women.

Small gestures matter. Reaching out to a friend to see how they’re doing, spontaneously helping someone out (especially if you know won’t ask if they need something), giving a gift to someone you love – it doesn’t need to be a big gesture to make the women in your life realize they’re important. If there are women in your life who may be going through a tough time right now, imagine yourself in their situation and think about what you would want a friend to do, say or offer if you were in their shoes. Then do it – as simple as that. When I was a brand new mama, if someone asked me if I’d like them to wash dishes/cook/help out in some way, I’d always say no, because I’m an obstinately independent person who hates to ask for help, or feel like I’m putting someone out. I’ll never forget a gesture from a girlfriend who came over for coffee and I left on the couch to go change a diaper. When I came back, she’d almost finished washing a full sink’s worth of dirty dishes. I nearly cried with gratitude.

Who are the most important women in your life?

When was the last time a woman had a positive impact on you?


  1. Carly I LOVE this!!!! What an empowering post, and so very important! The women we surround ourselves with are so important to our growth as humans, and it sounds like you have some great ones. I think our blogging community also has a part in our growth and confidence, so i thank you for being one of those women I look to in moments of panic. I am also thankful to be surrounded by many strong women in my daily life, and even though we do not talk every day, I know they are there. Thanks for the reminder 🙂
    Tina muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Sweet Potato and Almond Butter SoupMy Profile

    • Carly Pizzani says:

      Definitely our blogging community is just amazing for support and sharing the love! You are definitely one of those many women I consider part of my tribe! 🙂

  2. Love this. I think that as women, we can do so much together if we take the time. I definitely don’t spend as much time with friends/family members as I should on this level–I have some amazing women in my life!
    misszippy recently posted…Marathon recovery–week oneMy Profile

    • Carly Pizzani says:

      It’s hard to remember how important it is to take time for our female friendships – but every time I have a catch up with a friend it is so good for my mental state!

  3. Great post and ideas! We really do need to spend more time building up other women in our lives instead of trying to one-up them or just taking them for granted. I am really bad about taking people for granted and need to do much better.
    Kim recently posted…The Legs Feed the Wolf (3/1 – 3/7)My Profile

    • Carly Pizzani says:

      I think you’re too hard on yourself, Kim! Friendship is a two-way street, after all. 🙂

  4. I’ve gotten so much better with making time for my friends and saying YES or that I will really try to make it happen (kids and all!) and have a get together. Usually something works instead of just thinking “no” or “I can’t.” I REALLY love the tip about reading up on inspiring women – one of my most favorite things to do!!…which is why I read your blog 🙂
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown: Everything Is OkMy Profile