The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks – Week Three

This week was a big success for Fran in his goal to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. (In case you need to catch up, check out his first post, where he tells us exactly why he has to lose the weight, and his second installment, in which he outlined the hazards of traveling and socializing for work). I was SO proud of him when he stepped off the scale this week and told me the result. What I think has been eye-opening for him is the changes he’s made have not only been totally doable, he hasn’t even really felt like he’s missing anything.

Week One (Starting Weight): 220 pounds

Week Two: 218 pounds

Week Three: 215 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 5 pounds

THREE pounds in one week! Amazing, right? Here’s Fran with his update for this week:

The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks

The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks - Week Three. After a scary doctor's appointment, Fran realized he needed accountability to help him lose weight. This is his account of the weight loss process.

Well, we made it to week three. For those of you who read the first two installments, again, you have my gratitude and I thought I would reward you for your loyalty. I lost more weight. Another 3 pounds. That’s 5 pounds down, ladies and gentlemen. I am pretty excited about hitting the halfway mark before the halfway mark. So, what has the reaction been like?

“5 pounds?! So, the diet is going well? “Anyone who has ever lost weight has heard this, and listen, it comes from a good place and I am grateful for the kind words. But I have to clarify that I would not call this a diet. And I feel like a hypocrite for writing this because I have always made fun of those that preach that it is not a diet but a lifestyle change. It made me cringe when people would say/write that. I’d privately think, “Go run a 10K and have a quinoa salad, vegan alternative you healthy $!#*… I’m fat and I’m on a diet. OK?!!”  But it is true. I am not on a diet. I am not eating Special K, or existing on grapefruit and Tab, or cutting out all carbs or quitting drinking entirely. This is not a 6 week health marathon so I can look good on the beach while I pound down pizza and beer. This really is a lifestyle change. Not only do I have to lose this weight, I have to keep it off. I have to live another 18 years just to see my second kid graduate from high school. And God help me if one or both of my kids wants to be a doctor or a lawyer, I will have to be thin and healthy into my 70s. But yes, that is the point. My life has to change. And it has.*

This past week has not been much different than the first two weeks. I have not gone without. I have just gone with less. I am not going to lie, not being in Chicago for work is a plus BUT it is not like NY is a string of salad bars and smoothie joints. (Wife’s interjection: I actually think there are a lot of salad bars, smoothie joints and healthy places to eat in the city…) There are very few apples in the big apple, if you know what I mean. Plenty of opportunity for bad decisions here in NYC. But I have been good.

I have discovered the greatest treat in the history of healthy living. My wife actually found these “healthy” popsicles. Essentially they don’t have a lot of calories or artificial ingredients. You know, the bad stuff. They are fantastic. So, since I have been wrapped up in trying to lose weight and not die, they’ve been my after-dinner treat for the past week. I never even thought to share these with my 3 year-old son, Roman. This did not go over well with him – he found the empty popsicle box and complained to Mama that Daddy ate all of the popsicles.

The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks - Week Three. After a scary doctor's appointment, Fran realized he needed accountability to help him lose weight. This is his account of the weight loss process.

I felt bad, so I brought Roman to the grocery store to rectify the situation. As we approached the popsicle section, Roman gave me a good talking to about it in front of a patron of said grocery store. “But why did you eat all of the popsicles, Daddy and not share any with me?” She, in good fun, shook her head and voiced her support of my son’s grievance. The best defense I could come up with was, “They really are delicious. “ That night, Roman finally had one of them. After he went to bed, I took all the remaining popsicles out of the box and put them in the freezer. I then placed the empty box on the kitchen counter, knowing full well he’d discover the box when he got up in the morning to get his milk. Sure enough, the next morning he ran directly to Mama to snitch on Daddy for finishing the box again. I have to talk to him about this. Nobody likes a snitch. What if he goes to prison? Not good. In any case, mama let him in on the joke and, to his credit, he enjoyed the humor. I love that kid.

Another interesting aside from this week was being full. And by full I mean, yes, unable to finish a meal. And this wasn’t like a bacon explosion or one of those steaks that are based on dare, this was fish and vegetables. And I couldn’t finish it. I remember the days of the “clean plate club” as well as days when I felt like I could eat constantly for the rest of my life without being full but finally that day has arrived. I was actually listening to my body. Finally I could hear its cries of “uncle” and I acted accordingly. I stopped eating. It was glorious.

The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks - Week Three. After a scary doctor's appointment, Fran realized he needed accountability to help him lose weight. This is his account of the weight loss process.

This is what beat me…

I am also remembering that I actually do enjoy going to the gym. My schedule only permitted two days at the gym this past week but I made them count. I do some cardio (I hate it and could probably do more) and I throw around some iron. I really enjoy the weight lifting and I am feeling stronger for sure. I’ve also been making an effort to get some walking in. Having a 3 year-old son and a personal trainer for a wife guarantees that my weekends will be filled with plenty of walking. Yes, I dream of going to the closest playground but I understand the benefits of going to one that is further away. Again, this is a lifestyle change. Forget about building Rome, this “journey” of mine has its own challenges and timeline.

And what update would be complete without a reference to alcohol? Well, I think I have been angelic in this regard. Ok, I had one stressful day where I came home and drank two scotches in a very short period of time, but that was really it. I didn’t wash those scotches down with beer and the other nights of the week were either dry or dotted with a glass or two of wine. I am so happy that this aspect has been easier than I expected.

To wrap this up, I am very happy. I have had so much support. I know that my friends and family are proud of me. I’m proud of me. There are few things better than hearing my wife congratulate me when I get off the scale or tell me how proud she is. It means the world to me. Right now, my 3 year-old could care less and I know my unborn child is not going to be born with concerns about his/her Daddy’s cholesterol level. But someday they’ll care. Someday maybe when they introduce me to my grandchildren, they will care a lot. The way things are going, I’d say my “diet” will be in full swing by then. Until next week. Thanks everybody.

*Still no official results from my doctor regarding my blood work. My guess is they would have called if death were imminent. Stay tuned. 

 – Fran 


  1. Yes, hopefully death is NOT imminent! Congrats on a successful start–5 lbs down is fantastic. And out of the mouths of babes on the popsicles! ; )
    misszippy recently posted…I’ve got a race calendar!My Profile

  2. mary brockway says:

    Fran….it’s me, unborn baby, “What a Dad! “

  3. WooHoo – you are doing awesome!! Halfway to your goal and right on schedule.
    Reading this post it sounds like you have made some great changes and that seems to be making this easier:)
    I’m with you (and Carly since she wrote about it the other day) – I don’t get behind any of the diets – it is finding the changes you can make and doing what works for you!!!
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    • Kim,

      Sorry I am late on this. Thank you so much for reading and for your support. It means the world to me. Cheers. 🙂

  4. Snitches end up in ditches. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. So awesome about the weight, that you’re enjoying your “change” of life and playing practical jokes on little boys never gets old 🙂 Sounds like you’re actually having some fun and realizing this “extending your life” thing isn’t so bad. Cheers!
    Allie recently posted…My Place In the Pace – The NewbieMy Profile

    • Your comments are gold, Allie and all true. Who would have thought that extending my life could be fun? I’ll drink to that. 🙂 Cheers!! Thanks Allie.

  5. So proud of my Lil Pona!

  6. Congrats Fran! Your story is really inspirational and it is really hitting home for me. I’m going to share this with some loved ones that could really identify with your story. Thank you for sharing!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Mind/Body After Baby: Month 4My Profile

    • Britt,

      Sorry I am late with my response. I am really digging your feedback. Thank you so much. 🙂