High Five Friday

Happy almost weekend! 🙂 I have no real plans for the weekend and I’m psyched about it. The farmer’s market has started back up, so I’ll most likely be checking that out on Sunday. The places I take the boys for mini hikes are all green and shady and pretty again. Maybe I’ll take a yoga class, or go for a decidedly-not-in-training-for-anything run. 

After the bummer of the Vermont City Marathon race recap, I figured this week has perfect timing for a little injection of positive by linking up with Angela’s High Five Friday series. It’s a chance to share some of the good stuff from the week and if you head to Angela’s blog, you’ll find a bunch more of these posts in the link up!

5 Photos from the Week

A couple of these are from Instagram (you can follow me here if we’re not already connected):

High Five Friday. Sharing 5 good things about the week. Positivity and happiness can be contagious - let’s spread the joy by sharing what’s going right in our life!

Spandits mail day!! Yay, so fun to get some new tights. The top one is called Kotinos and the pattern on the bottom is called Inferno. I’m an ambassador for the second year running – get 10% off with the code SPANDITSLOVE at checkout.

I love these Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups so much! So much better than a certain competitor in the chocolate peanut butter cups world.

Me right after crossing the finish line of the Covered Bridges Half Marathon on Sunday. Such a fun day and a great race. 

Here’s just some of the wild green that’s sprung up everywhere I’ve been running.

Important post half marathon rehydrating, IPA style. 😉

5 Great Things From the Week

One of my friends sent me a book out of the blue, instructing me to read it and then call him while I was reading it so we could nerd out over it together. 🙂 The book is Dune by Frank Herbert – anyone read it?

My aunty and uncle from Australia were visiting briefly on a trip around the northeast of the States. It was so good to see them – we worked out it has been ten years since we last saw each other.

I had my first ever parent teacher conference! Sniff, sniff. Roman’s preschool teacher said he has excellent verbal communication skills. This doesn’t surprise me because he never stops talking. He even talks in his sleep.

This week I got two great workouts done, in the living room! I’m working on getting back to some basic strength training.

Have I mentioned how much I love driving? I’m sure it will wear off sooner or later, but I went for so long without a car, or ever driving, when we lived in NYC, that it’s a real novelty for me now. I play my music or listen to a podcast and it’s so fun introducing Roman to all my favorite bands and songs. 

High Five Friday. Sharing 5 good things about the week. Positivity and happiness can be contagious - let’s spread the joy by sharing what’s going right in our life!

Road trip selfie! (I was not actually driving when I took this!!)

5 Links from the Week

Ask a Yogini – Common Mistakes in Forward Folds. I love this series of Christine’s because it demystifies a lot of yoga concepts and questions. This post was especially great, because my forward fold is very limited and I’m never sure if I’m modified correctly. Love the visual cues she gives.

How to PR in Any Distance When You’re Already Doing Speedwork. If you’re a runner, you need to read Laura’s blog. It’s a great resource for runners and this post is spot on. Number 5 is particularly bittersweet to me – I have a long way to go to get back to my PR pace and it’s a good reminder to cultivate that patience and living in the moment in the meantime.

The Rundown Goes on the Road – Rome, Italy. I was waiting for this from Allie! She just recently got back from an Italian vacation and this was a look at their first stop in bella Roma. 

Marathon Ready in 7 Thoughts. Ellen is running her first marathon this year and is just about to start training. I can feel her excitement and a little bit of terror in this post and I am so excited for her!

Take Back Your Life – Stop Controlling, Start Enjoying. This post from Tina was thought provoking for me. I’m a big believer in the energy you put out coming back at you and I’m not sure I had thought of it as a sort of control before. But Tina is looking more at how when we try to control outcomes rather than just let them unfold naturally, we can get in our own way. 


  1. Woot Woot!!! I love your not really planning, plans for the weekend 🙂 Mine looks similar and I’m loving it. Thanks so much for including me in your link love!! And I think I read almost all the others – so many great reads this week and so good to be back reading all my fav blogs…kind of. LOL.
    Have a great weekend my friend!
    Allie recently posted…High Five Friday – Viva l’Italia!My Profile

  2. There is nothing better than a weekend with no plans!! I am not familiar with spandits – I need to look into them, they are so cute!! Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing Carly 😀 I am actually terrified!!! But i know I can do it and I have an amazing support circle full of friends, family and fellow bloggers 😉
    Ellen @ Tale of Two Runs recently posted…Vacation in Greece (part #1)My Profile