High Five Friday

Hola my lovelies and happy Friday! It’s time to share good times, good reads and things making me feel good from the week – because a little bit of positivity never went astray, right? I’m linking up with Angela, so you should check out her blog for more high five posts.


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High Five Friday - starting off the weekend with some happy news, great reads, positivity and good vibes.

Who knew Vermont got this warm in the summer?? Luckily when I take Baby T out for a stroller run and I don’t realize it’s 90 degrees outside, we can always cool off in the lake. 

Mmmm, smoothie time. Smoothies are perfect for me to have as my pre-run fuel – it doesn’t sit in my stomach, it’s filling without being heavy and it gives me energy.

I’m in love with this cap from Trailheads. They were kind enough to send it out to me to test out and it’s on my head for just about every run. It definitely keeps my head cool AND I’m in love with the color.

More stroller running – I have been a machine the past couple of weeks. I went through a stage of not being that excited to run – I think it was a bit of a funk following my disappointment with the Vermont City Marathon – but the past couple of weeks all I’ve wanted to do is get out there. And most of the time, that means I’m pushing Baby T along for the ride. Did I ever share this article Amanda Loudin wrote for the RRCA blog, about running through the parenting years? I was her source for the stroller running parent. šŸ™‚

And it wouldn’t be Friday without a delicious, ice cold beer to celebrate. This is my new favorite beer glass…and it’s 61 days until hockey season begins. Just saying.


A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed that not one, not two, but three of my friends had posted something about “The Universe Talks,” which is sort of like a daily affirmation you receive via email. It’s overwhelmingly positive and love-filled and based on the laws of attraction and abundance. Best of all, it’s written the way your best friend would talk to you. I figured it was the universe’s way of speaking to me so I signed up for it immediately. It’s been a fun way to begin my day. Yesterday, this was what was sent to me: 

High Five Friday - The Universe Talks
Do you love it as much as I do? And you know I really thought about it and imagined how I would feel and it did make my day start off with a sense of joy and gratefulness.

Speaking of grateful…

High Five Friday - starting off the weekend with some happy news, great reads, positivity and good vibes.

I had the most amazing run on Sunday. It was one of those rare runs (Ellen would call it a unicorn run!) where it just felt easy and smooth and effortless. When I checked my splits after I got back, not only was it the fastest overall pace I’ve run in a loooong time, it was also a perfect progression run, with each mile a little faster than the last. And it was 6 miles! Damn but I loved this run!

The Olympics. How can you help but be inspired by the incredible athletes competing for medals at the Games? I love seeing the friendship and love between the female US gymnasts as well – that’s some awesome female power at its best. 

Sunbutter. I had never tried this until my son came home from Pre-K telling me he needed to have sunbutter sandwiches because his little buddies had them too. I was all for it, since my go-to of PB&J as an easy sandwich doesn’t work in school because of allergy risk. And omg, sunflower seed butter is SO good. I’m a total convert.

Rediscovering old favorite musicians. I have never been an iPod girl. I rarely listen to music while I’m running and I never plugged out when walking or riding the subway in NYC. But now we’re up in Burlington and we have a car, music is back front and center as a major part of my day. I’ve been listening to a lot of music I listened to when I was a teenager onwards and it’s been so fun to reminisce and remember why I loved these favorites.


God, Allie just nailed it with her post on longevity. I hope you love reading her as much as I do, for her honesty and wit. This post was just so dead on. Then she went and made me cry at the end of it, but that’s okay, I still love her. Also? She’s competing in the Triathlon Nationals in Omaha this weekend. NBD, just a total badass athlete.

Despite the positive nature of High Five Friday, I can’t not mention the tragedy of three female runners killed this past week, in New York, Massachusetts and Michigan. I really appreciated my friend Laura’s tips on being safe and aware as a female runner. Don’t let anyone take away your freedom to run alone outdoors. Just be aware, safe and prepared for the worst. 

Tamara is such a talented photographer and the images she shares in her posts are always stunning. But this post of hers reminded me she is also an insanely talented writer. This is such a beautiful, human, loving post.

One of the most enthralling speeches I’ve had the opportunity to hear was from a couple who spent a year in Antarctica. The extremes to which they were exposed were just unbelievable to imagine, but they both stressed how going through that experience made them stronger in every sense. So I was fascinated to read Laura’s recount of listening to astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly speak at a conference and the quotes she took away to share with us are inspiring to say the least.

I had one word to describe this post from Sarah about body image and confidence, and that was ‘powerful.’ Read this. Tell me you don’t relate to some, if not all, of what she describes. I love when Sarah writes about body image because she is so honest – she always keeps it real.

What do you love watching at the Olympics? I love it all, but I do watch the diving and gymnastics through my fingers because I’m terrified they will stumble or have an accident.


  1. Unicorn runs ARE THE BEST!!! I haven’t had one of those in a while… I hope soon, since my last long run was literally painful šŸ™ I love seeing pictures of Vermont it looks so beautiful! Also, last week when me and my boyfriend were day dreaming about the day we would be leaving dreadful London and coming back to the states he said “you know Vermont is really pretty…. :O ” And I was like OMG sure I ‘d happily move there. maybe will be neighbours in the future šŸ˜‰ LOL
    Ellen @ Tale of Two Runs recently posted…High Five Friday!!!My Profile

  2. This daily notes sounds so interesting… I hadn’t heard of it. I may just sign up. I’ve been starting each day by reading the daily post form The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, and that has been a great daily inspiration.

  3. Ha!!! NBD right! šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for including me here and for the cheers from VT!!!! I hope it’s a “unicorn” race!
    Allie recently posted…Are the Comments About Female Olympians Really Sexist?My Profile

  4. I have signed up for a similar daily notes from the universe except mine is from “tut”. I think I will sign up for that one too because it is a REALLY nice way to wake up in the morning! I really loved Laura’s post too!! Stay cool. xoxo

  5. I feel like the Vermont of my youth was cooler, but I think it probably had its heat too. I just remembering closing the windows before bed at my grandparent’s house because it got so cold at night. I kinda loved that. It happens here too but I was in NH today and it was HOT.
    Let’s see.. The Universe Talks. Intriguing!
    Sunbutter. Yes. It’s a big deal in the preschool because it’s nut free. Scarlet’s school is actually not nut free – but I still use caution.
    And you linked up my post! I may cry now. Thank you. I needed that.
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