High Five Friday

This weekend was always one of my favorite weekends of the year in NYC…Marathon weekend! I’ve been seeing posts all over social media from my excited runner friends getting ready to tackle the 5 boroughs in 26.2 miles and like I mentioned in my post this week about not racing, I am already feeling chills thinking about all the marathoners getting ready to race. So the marathon definitely features in today’s High Five Friday, a series for spreading some positivity and fun stuff to kick off the weekend.  High Five Friday is Angela’s baby so you should definitely head over to her blog to see her list of awesome from the week as well.

So, happy almost weekend and let’s kick it off with some photos and fun stuff!


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High Five Friday - sharing all the good stuff from the week to start off the weekend with some positive vibes!

My little monkeys on Halloween. Roman wanted to be Batman, so Tanner kind of got the Robin costume by default, ha ha.

Speaking of monkeys, this is how I work when I’m putting together client programs, or blogging. Peekaboo is usually involved in some form.

I took the RRCA running coach certification at the end of September and loved it. More on that below, in the Five Awesome Things section… 🙂

We’re in the last stretch of fall running here, when the leaves have passed their prime and it takes a quarter of a mile of wondering if you dressed warmly enough before you feel comfortable. In related news, imagine what a wimp I’m going to be when winter rolls in.

And because it’s NYC Marathon weekend, I used #tbt yesterday to share one of the best moments of my life, running NYC for the second time, in 2013, with my medal and a big ol’ shiny PR to go with it, right after the finish line. What an awesome day that was!


Okay, the big news is YES, I passed the RRCA running coach certification exam and I got confirmation this week that I’m considered an accredited RRCA coach. I loved every minute of the course I took. It felt so invigorating to be surrounded by people as passionate about running as me, discussing the science and physiology and psychology of running.

High Five Friday - sharing all the good stuff from the week to start off the weekend with some positive vibes!

My favorite part of the course, for sure, was working on case studies of potential clients, in small groups. We came up with programs for two different runners and it was an awesome experience to be discussing and arguing and learning from some very smart, experienced coaches and runners. Each group presented their program to the entire class and then there was more feedback and dialog as we critiqued each others’ work. I learned so much from the experience!

High Five Friday - sharing all the good stuff from the week to start off the weekend with some positive vibes!

Marathon Sunday is this weekend in NYC! I’ll be watching the coverage and tracking my friends on my phone – I am so psyched, it really is a magical race. Good luck to everyone running this year!

This is also election week and no matter which way your political views lie, you have to be relieved that it’s nearly over. The way this election season played out, I am so, so, so thankful not to be living in a swing state where the number of political ads and calls and door-to-door visits must be overwhelming.

This meme that someone sent me that I thought was hilarious (and no I don’t think Sigmund Freud actually said this):

High Five Friday - sharing all the good stuff from the week to start off the weekend with some positive vibes!

And finally, my amazing friend Jenny Stulberg is a dancer, a choreographer and a videographer in San Francisco. Her hauntingly beautiful film hold (S T I L L) got a lot of critical acclaim and award nominations and I’m so very proud of her! It’s a beautiful piece, I hope you’ll all watch.


hold ( S T I L L ) . | a dance film by Jenny Stulberg (Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations) from Jenny Stulberg on Vimeo.

So how has your week been?

What have you been reading and doing that you’ve loved?

Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. WOW! Congratulations on your certification – that is a serious accomplishment and you should be super proud of yourself!!!
    I’m also really psyched to watch and track all of my friends at the NYC marathon this weekend!!…and Gwen Jorgensen…and I’m REALLY glad I’m not running it this year – LOL!!
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  2. thanks so much..