High Five Friday

Happy almost weekend! This week saw the first day of spring and I am so happy about it. Spring is definitely my favorite season – it means winter is finally (finally!) on its way out and there’s the promise of a long summer ahead. Of course, it’s snowing here again, but that’s crazy Vermont weather for you.

I’m following Angela’s lead again and bringing you a High Five Friday, full of photos, fun moments and some great articles to read from the week. 

Five from Instagram

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High Five Friday - Spring! Sharing positivity and some great reads from the week.

I’ve returned to running alongside Lake Champlain and soaking in the gorgeous views. I love running near water – it’s so soothing.

A couple of weeks back we had a 70 degree day, so I found myself running in shorts…with snow still on the ground. Crazy, crazy.

The snow returned with a vengeance last week, when the storm named Stella dumped over 24 inches in the Burlington area. A few days later I strapped on ice spikes and headed out for a run on the cross country trails. Running in fresh snow is NO JOKE. Super hard and my butt felt it the next day.

Birthday yoga from the end of last month – I rarely get to a class in person these days so I enjoy every moment when I’m able to indulge.

If you come join the Women Prioritizing Fitness Facebook group, you can join the crazies among us who’ve decided to do the 30 burpees for 15 days challenge (inspired by this Runner’s World story). I’ve added 60 bodyweight squats and 30 push ups to my challenge because I’m crazy. Yesterday was a tough one – I needed this reminder from my Momentum Jewelry wrap.

Five Fun Moments

This sweet moment with my oldest son Roman made me giggle: 

High Five Friday - Spring! Sharing positivity and some great reads from the week.

My funny little monkey Tanner found my swimming goggles:

High Five Friday - Spring! Sharing positivity and some great reads from the week.

I don’t know what came over me, but I was inspired to clean out my inbox…It took almost two days of on and off deleting in bulk, but I finally got rid of my unread messages (and unsubscribed from SO MANY mailing lists). It makes me feel so much more organized to go through my emails every morning and immediately deal with what I need to and delete the rest. Now I’m working on sifting through all the read emails I don’t need anymore…it’s a work in progress!

High Five Friday - Spring! Sharing positivity and some great reads from the week.

I’ve been watching Shameless on Netflix and I’m obsessed with it – nearly done with Season One. I think the last time I binge watched a series was Breaking Bad (which I started watching right after its real time finale, but I managed to avoid all spoilers). 

Something I haven’t done yet, but am planning on for this week, is to go to the butterfly exhibition at the ECHO Leahy Center in Burlington. They change their special exhibit every few months and right now they have a room filled with different butterflies as part of their exhibition! It looks so amazing, keep an eye on my Instagram for photos when I take the littles there. šŸ™‚

Five Great Articles

I seriously could share 10 articles or more this week, but I’ve cut it down to 5 to keep with the theme! šŸ˜‰

Not My Mother’s Yoga. I thought this article in The New York Times was so beautiful. After losing her yoga-loving mother at a young age, the writer didn’t find her own love of yoga until many years afterward. (Also, Sasha Brown-Worsham, the author, was my editor for a while, so I was so excited to see her byline in the Times.)

Muscles and Miles – How One Ultrarunner Makes Room For Both. I’m such a proponent of strength training for runners, but ultrarunning is a different beast altogether. The amount of time that needs to spent training by running alone is staggering. I’ve wondered how ultrarunners avoid certain injury from lack of strength training, so it was fascinating to read about this athlete’s routine and how she manages to carve out time to strength train. Also – LOVE seeing Christine’s byline in so many different places!

A Runner’s Ode to Her Favorite Pair of Running Shoes. I get sentimental about my running shoes, so I connected with every word of this article Nat wrote for Women’s Running magazine. I finally managed to cull my collection when I moved to Vermont, and now I’m about to move again, I know I need to part with pairs again.

Why Sometimes Running Without Racing is the Best Thing You Can Do. After my horrendous experience in the Vermont City Marathon last year, I totally gave up on racing for a while. I was still running though, finding joy in other aspects of the run than training and competing against myself. I was honored that Allie included my story as an example in her article for Runner’s Connect.

This has nothing to do with fitness, but I LOVED this post revealing her farmhouse bathroom remodel from Annmarie at Fit Foodie Mama. I saw some of her photos on Facebook when it was first done, so I couldn’t wait to see all the details on her blog. This is my dream bathroom – so beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

What was the last show you binge watched? (I’ll be looking for recommendations in a month or so!)

What do you hang onto like I hang onto emails and running shoes?