5 Things You Can Do Today for a Happy Week

It’s Monday, it’s a new week, and you’re feeling positive, excited, and like you can tackle the world…right? Me neither. 😉 Rather than fall into the ‘Mondays suck’ cliche, there are some small, simple ways you can make your day go better (and hopefully keep it going for a happier week). Like all things health and wellness related, you know my mantra is to start small and take baby steps, so these 5 happiness tips are not crazy, lofty goals. These are just small ways you can increase your happiness.

5 Things You Can Do Today for a Happy Week. These are such small, simple happiness tips to incorporate into your day! You won't struggle to do them and you will feel SO much happier!

When your alarm goes off, just get up.

I know how tempting the snooze button is. I always set my alarm so I have a pretty solid window of time to get ready, so when my alarm wakes me, I know I could skip one or two morning routines and enjoy the extra minutes of sleep snooze would give me. But the times I’ve given in and rolled over have never been worth it. It’s not like you’re getting restful sleep in the 5 or so extra minutes you’re granted. And the rushing through morning rituals make you start your day frazzled rather than calm and ready for your week.

Give yourself a healthy, happy treat.

I love coffee. I buy whole beans and grind them in single batches for my morning coffee. It’s my thing, it makes me happy, and it’s something I look forward to when I first wake up. That’s why I take a few minutes in the evening to set everything up for my coffee so it’s ready to go in the morning without me having to think about it. Your treat that makes your day happier may not be coffee, but whatever it is, make sure to include it in your daily routine. My sister-in-law stayed with me recently and she brought her own spearmint tea because it’s her happy treat. Yours might be going for a run, taking 10 minutes to stretch, meditating, yoga, talking to a friend, listening to your favorite song…this list could be endless. Just think of something small and easy to incorporate into your day, that always makes you happy. Then do it.

5 Things You Can Do Today for a Happy Week. These are such small, simple happiness tips to incorporate into your day! You won't struggle to do them and you will feel SO much happier!

Do something you REALLY don’t want to do. And do it early.

Sounds weird, right? But we all have at least one thing we’ve been meaning to do but put off until we end up doing it at the last possible minute (or late), creating stress for every moment we don’t take action. What have you been procrastinating about? Maybe it’s a phone call, an email, a difficult conversation, a cupboard that needs cleaning, or a credit score that’s currently a mystery (but you’re convinced it’s terrible). Just pick one thing and do it. The earlier the better, so you start your day feeling accomplished and enjoying the lifted weight.

Get out into nature.

Even if it’s just a 10 minute walk, even if your only outlet is a small city park, make the effort to walk, or just sit among some trees. Being in nature is good for your soul and your blood pressure, and if you’re feeling stressed, tired, or like your to-do list is crushing you, getting outdoors can give you energy you might normally try to get from sugar or caffeine (or both).


Assume you’re going to have a good day. Plaster a smile on your face if you’re not feeling it at first. You’ll be amazed at what responses you get going through your everyday routine when you’re smiling and looking happy. Most likely, you’ll find your own mood improving based on how people react to you.

I promise if you can do these 5 small things, your day will be happier. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could also check out my 35 tips for healthy living and happiness! 🙂

What’s your happy, healthy treat?

What’s the one thing you do that makes your day happier?