High Five Friday

It’s time to say welcome to the weekend with a High Five Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week, full of fireworks, barbecues and fun. Check out Angela’s blog (the OG of HFF) for more great reads!


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High Five Friday! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

I found myself with so many overripe bananas that I was almost FORCED to make banana bread!! The boys go through banana phases, so if they’re suddenly not that into them, I’m left with a lot of nanas. And my freezer has plenty of frozen banana chunks ready for smoothies by now. So I ended up making loaves for my neighbors, as well as muffins for us.

Mmmmm, this cocktail. So delicious. I had plans to hang out at a farmer’s market in Barnard with my new yoga instructor friend, but it was pouring rain and just miserable, so instead we decided to get a drink at Max’s Tavern. We were both convinced by the bartender to try their strawberry bandito, which was fresh strawberries, tequila, some sort of vanilla (?) liqueur and then a jalapeno infused thing (I didn’t make a note of all the ingredients and now I can’t find it online – can you tell??). Anyway, trust me when I tell you it was good – not at all sweet, with a good kick of heat thanks to the jalapeno.

On Saturdays at 8am I’m leading a trail running group at the athletic club I’m working at. We have a whole series of trails on Mt. Peg right behind our facility, and they’re spectacular right now. There are daisies everywhere and it’s so green and pretty. There was a point on last week’s run where I took a breath in and realized I was sighing out just about all the tension from the week. Such a nice start to the weekend.

My little guys. The morning I took this photo, Tanner had woken up just before 5 and I couldn’t get him back down, which is kind of unusual for him. I guess he just wanted Mama snuggles, because I brought him back to my bed and he fell right back to sleep. When we woke up, we found Roman crashed out with us too (don’t even remember him climbing in!). It was such a lovely way to wake up. šŸ™‚

This coffee is sadly all gone now. It was a gift and it was sooo good. As these beans got lower, I ground them for longer, to espresso strength, just so I could make them last longer.


Roman attended a kid’s camp that was held at my work last week and this was his everyday wear. Either a full on Batman mask and cape, or at the very least a Batman name tag. He had every camper and the counselors calling him Batman, and made up an elaborate game of good guys and bad guys that all the campers were playing. I would go to do their cardio games for the day and I’d hear things like, “Batman! I’m supposed to be a bad guy, but I can’t remember, is it Catwoman or Bat Girl who’s a baddie?” Priceless.

High Five Friday! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

The 4th of July fireworks are right across the road from where I live here, so I let the boys stay up past their bedtime to watch. Roman thought they were so awesome, but Tanner did his patented crumpled-up face, whimpering, “I like it!” (translation: I most definitely do NOT like it) and spent the rest of the time in my arms with his head buried in my neck. Poor little monkey.

The boys and I may have had too much fun exploring the Facebook effects. Maybe.

High Five Friday! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

I can’t remember whose post I saw on Facebook with this genius and simple trick for corralling Lego flotsam. But I am eternally grateful to them. Easiest clean up ever.

High Five Friday! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

The weather here the last week or so…perfection! It’s been 50s – 60s in the early mornings, then mid 70s and sunny during the day. It has been amazing. This week I took my 6:30 am boot camp class outside to the tennis courts and it was ideal for an outdoor workout.


Okay a couple of videos too. 

In case you missed it, elite runner Tina Muir (who I was lucky enough to have guest post here once) gave up her running career in order to gain weight and follow her dream of becoming a mother. Tina suffered amenorrhea and was very open and honest about the loss of her period – for 9 years! – and what that meant for her fertility. Well, guess who’s pregnant…? šŸ™‚

My friend Gabby has been living in London and enjoying European life for the last year, but she’s on her way back to the States now. Before she left, she wrote this post on the best places to run in London. I love traveling vicariously through these destination running posts! And the photos are amazing too.

This video popped up on my social media and I started absent-mindedly watching it for a minute before the 4th lip-syncer popped up and I was like, “I know her!!” Such a fun promo for Kia that Nellie got to be a part of! (Also I have now included this song on one of my group fitness playlists, so double awesome.)


I know I just told you about how you can turn all your negative talk into positivity and use it to achieve your goals…but here’s a post from Allie, titled ‘10 Things I hate About Running.’

And finally – for those of you who have ever attempted to do yoga with small children running around, I leave you with a dose of adorable reality:



What did you get up to for the 4th? What are your weekend plans?

Where in the world are you dying to run?