Gift Guide for Runners

There’s no shortage of gift ideas for runners, which is good news for anyone with a runner on their holiday gift list this year! I love putting together this gift guide for runners every year, because it’s so fun to see all the new products for runners on the market. This year I’m sharing lots of accessories (great for stocking stuffers!), plus clothes, jewelry, books and more!

Read on for my selections for running gifts this year – what’s on your wish list for running?


This gift guide for runners will make the runners on your holiday shopping list happy! Practical, unique and fun gifts for runners.

  1. This practical safety gift is a must for any runner. The Road ID is a customizable cuff, designed to have all your vital info in an easy-to-spot place if you have an accident. 
  2. Protecting your eyes is important all year round, and these running sunglasses from Goodr are made to protect your eyes, look good, not slip, and not cost you a fortune. They’re so affordable the obvious dilemma of what color to get may be solved by buying more than one pair.
  3. If you’ve ever been on a run and found out halfway that the pair of socks you have on turn out to be quitters, then you know the only thing you can think about while you’re running is how annoying your socks are and whether it’s worth stopping to pull them up from where they’ve scrunched for the 10th time. I wear both these brands of running socks – Feetures and Bombas. They’re comfortable, they last seemingly forever, and they never quit.
  4. Even in winter, hydration is important for runners. This hand-held water bottle by Amphipod for running is similar to the one I use constantly, and it’s handy for shorter runs.
  5. If you’re short on pockets, or sick of things bouncing around, this Flipbelt is snug, comfortable, and a safe and easy way to store all the things you don’t want to hold while you’re running (phone, lip balm, keys, headphones, etc).

This gift guide for runners will make the runners on your holiday shopping list happy! Practical, unique and fun gifts for runners.1. If there’s one thing you learned from our Run It round up on what a runner really eats, it’s that Gummi Bears are a runner’s best friend. Check out this awesome tub of mini bags of Gummi Bears – perfectly portioned for fueling on the long run, or in a race!

2. Trucker hats are great for runners – lightweight, breathable, keep the sun out of your eyes, and they’re roomy enough that you can wear an over-the-ears headband underneath when it’s cold out. This super-awesome design lets you show state pride. This is the Vermont hat, but check out this link for all 50

3. Your lips often get forgotten when you’re applying sunscreen, so make sure you have a good SPF lipbalm handy. Here’s a pack of three of the SPF30 Kiss My Face lipbalm

4. If you’re a cold-weather runner, you need the Spandits thermal tights. This pair in the Vivacity pattern are going to be my next running gear purchase! And if it is sub-zero where you live, you might want to try the super-warm Icelandic tights, which are fleece-lined and come in all the amazing Spandits patterns. Use SPANDITSLOVE for 10% off and tell them Carly sent you at checkout! 

5. Driving to work one early morning last week, I spotted a runner on a dark road early in the morning thanks to the shoe lights he was wearing. These are a must if you run early, late, or right at dusk, all times when visibility is lowest for drivers. Stay safe with these shoe lights from RUMBLE that clip on the back of your sneakers.

This gift guide for runners will make the runners on your holiday shopping list happy! Practical, unique and fun gifts for runners.

  1. If you use mantras as part of your brain training for runners (check out this post and this one and this one for more info on upping your mental game), then these ‘Foot Notes’ from Momentum Jewelry are a great way of reminding yourself of it as you run. Jewelry for your shoes!
  2. I’m a huge fan of Etsy for unique running gifts, and this tank is cool and to the point. You better believe you run this city!
  3. Surprise a marathoner with this thoughtful, personalized poster commemorating their achievement. Add in the race name, bib number, name, time, and date for a beautiful print to display.
  4. If it’s chilly where you are right now, this Trailheads reflective pocket hat is a great gift idea for an outdoor runner. It’s warm, it has reflective strips for safety, and it has a pocket. Ask any runner, we can’t have enough pockets.
  5. This delicate bracelet from Etsy is inscribed with the Roman numerals for 26.2. You can customize for other race distances as well – this is a pretty, stylish gift for your runner who wants to celebrate her distance in a more understated way.
  6. Books are always a great gift for runners – when we’re not running, we love reading about running! Check out this post for ideas on running books for women, and you can’t go wrong with the three shown here. Meb for Mortals (kindle version here, paperback here) for inspiration; Born to Run (kindle version here, paperback here), which arguably started the barefoot running craze; and the Runners World Cookbook (kindle here and hardcover here) because when we’re not running, or reading about running, we sure do love eating!

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What’s the best stocking stuffer for a runner?

What would you choose from this gift guide for runners?


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