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Where I’m At (with a little link love for my friends)

Look what happened yesterday: I cannot believe it’s been two months since Baby T came into the world! We totally lucked out with this little man – he is the epitome of an easy baby. He is sleeping through the night. I’m talking from 10pm until about 6:30am, when I wake him to breastfeed. Remember […]

A Healthy Dose of Link Love

This week I was reading about the partial collapse of a railing on the Pont des Arts in Paris, due to the enormous weight of padlocks clipped to the fence. In 2008, couples started locking padlocks with their initials to the bridge, then throwing the keys in the Seine below, to signify their love couldn’t be broken. It reminded me […]

Exercise Ball Workout (and some link love)

Bless Fran’s cotton socks, he has become my in-house photographer (literally) for all my workout posts. We are much less snippy with each other during these photo shoots, so either he’s getting better, or I’m getting more patient. This week on my Working (Out) Mama column on The Stir, I put together a great workout […]

Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

Today it’s all things yoga on Fine Fit Day! If you have a yoga-loving friend, relative, or significant other on your holiday shopping list, then this list is for you. The gift guide for yoga lovers has practical gifts like props and yoga accessories, clothing, fun yoga-themed gifts, and jewelry. Go beyond buying a mat […]

Gift Guide for Gym Lovers

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and I have you covered for all your fitness gifts with my gift guide for gym lovers this year! (And runners, yogis, and healthy cooks, keep your eyes out, because I’ll be sharing the best picks for each of you in the next week or so.) Bookmark this page (or […]

Workout Clothes Under $50 You’ll Love

A couple of weeks ago, a new client came to my gym to meet me for her first session. She asked at the front desk how she’d recognize me. They told her, “Oh, you can’t miss Carly. She’s always in bright colors and crazy patterned tights.” As it turned out, that day happened to be […]

Gift Guide for the Gym Lover

Jingle bells, kettle bells… If you’re a regular at the gym, or you strength train at home, I guarantee there’s something on this list that will catch your eye. Feel free to subtly forward this link to your significant other if they need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to gift-giving! […]

Blink Fitness Review and Giveaway

I’m a fan of quick workouts. The idea that a workout has to be time-consuming to be worthwhile can stop you from exercising when you realize you only have 20 or 30 minutes to spare – right? And now that I’m trying to get into the swing of being a mama of two and fitting in workouts when I […]

Doggie Love – How one woman changed her life (and health!) for the love of dogs

A couple of months ago, Fran and I were having brunch with our old friend Heather Curatolo & her husband Andrew. We got to talking about blogs, since Heather had just started a blog for her new pet care company, Paws on Pine. Heather and Andrew have two dogs, Doxy and Bebop, who are definitely […]

High Five Friday

It’s been a  long time since I wrote a High Five Friday post (it’s Angela’s brainchild, I just borrow it). So here’s a chance for you to catch up a little on what I’ve been up to recently and for me to share some link love.  FIVE FROM INSTAGRAM (you can follow me here if […]