Ten Things You Don’t Know About Your Personal Trainer

1. If you complain about it being early, and I’ve already trained someone, I will make your workout a little harder. 2. I don’t work out every day. I work out 4 or 5 days per week, because that’s what I can do within my lifestyle. On the days I am not working out, though, […]

Staying Happy in Gloomy Weather

It’s gloomy outside in NYC. Granted, it has been pretty warm out up ’til now, but when was the last time we saw the sun? Coming from summer in Australia, it’s been a bit of a shock to the system to return to short, dark winter days. It’s natural to feel a bit blah in […]

Awesome Client Gift!

One of my clients spends winter in California. I came home from the playground on this cold, grey afternoon to find this wonderful box of sunshine waiting for me. Roman thought it was a great surprise, as well. Pretty sure these are from a tree in her yard, too!

Caffeine Hit

A friend of mine just introduced me to almond milk lattes – hello delicious! Almond milk has a naturally sweet taste, so for someone who drinks coffee with no sugar, it’s almost like drinking hot chocolate, without the massive calories. Almond milk has 40 calories per 8oz, versus whole milk at 146 calories per 8oz. […]

I survived taking a baby on a trip to Australia (but got sick and couldn’t work out)

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I haven’t posted for a while because we went to Australia for Roman’s first Christmas. I was so nervous about taking a baby on such a looooong flight, but was really looking forward to handing him over to grandparents so I could go work out, or run every day, […]

My Workout Today

Stretching:This is what I felt like doing beforeI started my workout. Instead, it wasmy reward! I did not feel like working out today. At all. But I had a pretty easy work morning – two early clients back-to-back, then a loooong break before my last session, a 2 hour break, in fact. So I guilted […]

Last Minute Fitness Gifts

You still have 8 days left for Christmas shopping, and I’ve put together a list of some great gifts for the fitness lover in your life! (Or, you know, just in case you’re worried Santa may not take good care of you, these could also be for yourself!) Customizable yoga mats You can’t go wrong […]

The Best Tip About Running You’ll Ever Read

Are you ready? It’s a super simple tip, but I promise, it will change the way you feel about running, and while running. Here it is: You can always stop running. If your first response is ‘Huh?’ then allow me to explain. I often hear clients, friends, or random people at a party who’ve just […]

My New Favorite Running Buddy

Sleepy running buddy I went for a great run today in the park. Usually I run solo, leaving hubby to look after the bub, but it was so nice out today, it was almost nap-time, and I didn’t get my normal weights session in today, so out we went. Running with a stroller is nowhere […]

Behind the Scenes of my Mama and Baby workout video!

Getting some upper body exercise! Hey Mamas, would you like to see a video of how to do an at-home workout using your baby as your weights? I shot a video last weekend with my adorable little co-star, to show you how you can get a quick workout in and have fun with baby at […]