If a pack of zombies was chasing you, you’d run, right?

I’ve been thinking recently about motivation and how hard it is to kick-start a fitness routine. Once you really get going, working out just becomes part of your lifestyle, but it’s the beginning stages of an exercise plan that can be tough. I get it – if exercise isn’t part of your life right now, […]

Pinned! Workout Clothes

I’ve been on a bit of a pinning kick recently. I just started a Pinterest board of workout gear, to keep track of all the cute stuff I don’t need to buy, but want. (Seriously, more than half my wardrobe is workout gear). Here are a few of my fave pins: The Missonian Sweaty Band, for […]

Best Snacks for Post Workout

Did you know that you should be refueling your body with a post workout snack within 30 minutes after you finish your workout, if you’ve been exercising at a moderate to high intensity for 45 minutes or longer? Even for early morning exercisers, you may find that by the time you get around to eating […]

Recipe: Delicious Pasta (with kale, pine nuts, bacon and parmesan)

This pasta is delicious. Here’s how delicious it is: I love garlic with all my heart and soul. I will put a clove of garlic in anything, just because garlic makes everything better. A friend of mine who is from Northern Italy told me that adding garlic is cheating and is the sign of a […]

Is Paleo the Key?

Suddenly, Paleo is the new diet buzzword. The Paleolithic diet has actually been around since the 1970’s (or I guess, technically, since Paleolithic times, huh?), but it’s become more popularized recently through Crossfit, which recommends eating Paleo as the most healthful choice. The premise is that we are genetically predisposed to be better suited to […]

January running doesn’t get much better than this! (Plus, a major PR!)

It’s perfect running weather right now! I skipped the gym and headed out for a run while the going is good!! The best part about my run today? Not that it was so warm out; not that it felt easy; not that I was running in beautiful Prospect Park – the best part was that […]

My Workout Today – Starting to Get Ready for Pre-Training, for Training, for Running the Marathon Edition ;)

I’m running the ING New York City marathon again this year! The last time I ran it was also my first and only marathon yet, back in 2010. It still ranks as one of the best days of my life, that’s what an incredible rush it was to be able to run and complete a full […]

Taking a hard yoga class with a friend who is literally a yogi is slightly intimidating…

I love yoga. That said, I’ve never been a regular at a yoga class. I’ve taken plenty of classes over the years, but kind of sporadically. I describe myself as fairly flexible…for a runner. But today I went to a pretty advanced class at Kula Yoga in TriBeCa, with my friend Jenny, who is probably […]

My Workout Today

Baby, it’s cold outside. Too cold for this chicken to go for a run outside, so I made sure I got my run done at the gym this morning, before doing my strength training. In my defense, I have run outside in winter in Vermont, and it’s not actually as bad as you imagine when […]

Recipe: Endive Salad with Arugula and Blue Cheese

This past weekend I made another enormous pot of delicious lentil soup. Even though the temperatures have dropped below freezing outside, instead of pairing it with warm, crusty bread, I decided I make a delicious, light salad. This salad is super easy, just three ingredients plus dressing. You can use a lot of arugula to make […]