Recipe – Lobster, Avocado & Heirloom Tomato Salad

The tomatoes this summer were SO good! I had some friends over for dinner, and made this delicious, summery lobster salad as an appetizer. Originally I had a 24oz lobster tail, thinking that would be enough meat for 4 people. Ummm, no. No, it wasn’t. I seriously doubt it was 24 oz. Cue the husband […]

Pregnancy, Training, and Heart Rate

One of the best things I ever got certified in as a personal trainer was Pre-and-Post-Natal Training. It’s such an amazing experience to train a woman through one of the most life-changing (and body-changing!) times of her life. Nothing beats the feeling when a client tells me she’s pregnant. I always find out if a […]

The Dirty Dozen

Committing to buying and eating organic can be expensive. I am a big believer in organic food, and it annoys me that it’s thought of as a trendy movement, or only for rich people or hippies. It is food that fuels us, we’re feeding the only body we get, why would we choose food contaminated […]

NYC Half Marathon

I had so much fun yesterday running the NYC Half Marathon! While I run a lot, and my base mileage is pretty solid, I ran this one for fun. As soon as I found out we would be running through a closed-off Times Square, I wanted in! It was an absolutely perfect day for running. […]