Bosu Challenge Week 4 – How Did You Get #BOSUstrong?

Okay guys, this is the final week of the #BOSUstrong challenge. Even if you haven’t been participating in the Bosu challenge, you can still jump in on this final week and have the opportunity of winning your own Bosu trainer! Check out all the prompts below so you know how to get involved and be […]

7 Awesome NO Equipment Workouts [Guest Post]

I first stumbled across Ruthie’s blog She’s Wicked Healthy after reading her column Run For Your Life on the iRunner blog (iRunner is one of the founders of the #runchat hashtag and chats on Twitter). Ruth is now one of my favorite bloggers to read. She’s smart, fit, funny and totally gets it when it comes to […]

Octane Fitness Zero Runner – Could This Extend Your Running Life?

A few years ago, when I was working as a trainer at Equinox in NYC, a representative from Octane Fitness came by to give all of the trainers a demonstration of their new elliptical, which was designed to better mimic a runner’s stride. I was sold – the machine was great and I would often […]

3 Quick Workouts #noexcuses

One of the biggest excuses for not working out is that you don’t have enough time. I know, I know, you think if you don’t workout for an hour it’s not worth it. But with enough intensity, you can get great results from a short workout. Maybe you won’t get to every muscle group, and […]

Cardio – Strength Combo Workout!

Ready for a workout? Try this Cardio – Strength Combo Workout I put together (before I started spending all my time training for the marathon!). Circuits are a great way to combine some cardio with your strength training – not only do these circuit include a 2 minute cardio component, you are also keeping your […]

Three Treadmill Workouts (guaranteed to make you sweat)

I don’t know about you guys, but when I use the treadmill I need to use every trick in the book to stave off boredom. Having a set workout to follow makes the time go much faster. So I came up with three treadmill workouts for you to try, to keep you motivated next time you’re stuck inside for […]

Group Fitness Community

  Community. It’s a word that keeps popping up as I interview and hear stories from women featured in my Fit Mama Friday series. In what context does it keep coming up? Experiencing a group fitness community. “I wanted to be a part of community activity…” “It’s such a great community, I love it so […]

January running doesn’t get much better than this! (Plus, a major PR!)

It’s perfect running weather right now! I skipped the gym and headed out for a run while the going is good!! The best part about my run today? Not that it was so warm out; not that it felt easy; not that I was running in beautiful Prospect Park – the best part was that […]

Combining Cardio and Strength Training

There’s a really interesting article in The New York Times today, about two studies exploring whether muscles react better to strength training and cardio if they are combined in one workout, or take place on separate days. Combine short workoutsand save time! You can read the article here. It seems from the results of muscles biopsies taken […]