Kick your Own Butt Circuit Workout!

I had less time than I thought at the gym yesterday when I went to complete my daily Elf for Health challenge – a Circuit Workout! Since I was running short on time, I powered through it at a really fast pace, so I definitely kept my heart rate elevated and kicked my own butt! […]

Merry Fitness! The best healthy holiday gifts of 2013

This is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is cold and crisp, there are pretty, sparkly holiday displays in the streets and avenues, and every few blocks you walk through a Christmas tree lot, smelling all pine-y good and wintery magical. It makes me happy. I am sort of, kind of tackling […]

I’m ready to Sweat Pink

A teacher friend of mine texted me the other day after watching a documentary on childhood obesity: First of all, texts, emails, blog comments like this make my day. Seriously: I love being a trainer and working one-on-one with clients, helping them get healthy (and hopefully as a result changing their life for the better), […]

Want a quick, easy workout?

Well, you’re in luck! I posted a slideshow workout of exercises you can do using only a park bench over at The Stir! Check out Working (Out) Mama for all the details. Disclaimer: When I say “quick, easy workout” I mean that it’s easy to do because there’s so little equipment involved. So don’t be […]

The Workout Backup Plan

You finally found a workout you love. Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s a spin class, maybe it’s indoor rock-climbing. And then, by no fault of your own, you find yourself in a position where you can’t do it anymore. Then What?   When You’re Injured Getting injured sucks. Not only are you unable to do […]

Group Fitness Community

  Community. It’s a word that keeps popping up as I interview and hear stories from women featured in my Fit Mama Friday series. In what context does it keep coming up? Experiencing a group fitness community. “I wanted to be a part of community activity…” “It’s such a great community, I love it so […]

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet #FitBlogNYC – Afternoon recap

  Last week I was lucky enough to be an attendee of the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet event, #FitBlogNYC. In case you missed it, you can read my recap from yesterday about the inspirational speakers we listened to throughout the morning. During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit and chat with […]

FitBlogNYC – I’m meeting lots of bloggers and I’m nervous!

  Does anyone else get nervous or shy out there in blogland? A while back, I applied to be part of Fitness magazine’s Fitness Meet & Tweet, aka “FitBlogNYC”. It was kind of on a whim. I felt a little intimidated as soon as I got to the “How many followers do you have?” questions […]

What Children Can Teach Us About Exercise

Watching children playing is eye opening. If you really pay attention, you can actually pick up some great tips on how to exercise effectively as an adult. Here is a list of What Children Can Teach Us About Exercise: Children squat perfectly. In fact, their form doing just about anything is perfect, but the ability […]

Breaking Out of a Fitness Slump

A fitness slump. We’ve all been there. You vaguely remember the days when a workout was no big deal, when you had all the energy in the world to jump out of bed and hit the gym, or go for a run. Now? You wake up, look at your gym clothes neatly folded by the side […]