What Children Can Teach Us About Exercise

Watching children playing is eye opening. If you really pay attention, you can actually pick up some great tips on how to exercise effectively as an adult. Here is a list of What Children Can Teach Us About Exercise: Children squat perfectly. In fact, their form doing just about anything is perfect, but the ability […]

Breaking Out of a Fitness Slump

A fitness slump. We’ve all been there. You vaguely remember the days when a workout was no big deal, when you had all the energy in the world to jump out of bed and hit the gym, or go for a run. Now? You wake up, look at your gym clothes neatly folded by the side […]

Gym Bag Weight Loss

A friend of mine recently joined an inexpensive, no frills gym in the city. No frills means exactly that –  no free products in the locker rooms here! In fact, there aren’t even towels available in the locker rooms. Finding herself stuck for ideas on how to pack her gym bag without breaking her back […]

Don’t be List-Less

Yes, it says ‘Shower’. Monday night I lay in bed, remembering the dozen or so little tasks I had forgotten to do during the day. Don’t get me wrong, my schedule is not packed, but having a very active 14 month old means I am limited to nap times to devote to all the usual […]

Pinned! Workout Clothes

I’ve been on a bit of a pinning kick recently. I just started a Pinterest board of workout gear, to keep track of all the cute stuff I don’t need to buy, but want. (Seriously, more than half my wardrobe is workout gear). Here are a few of my fave pins: The Missonian Sweaty Band, for […]

My Workout Today

Stretching:This is what I felt like doing beforeI started my workout. Instead, it wasmy reward! I did not feel like working out today. At all. But I had a pretty easy work morning – two early clients back-to-back, then a loooong break before my last session, a 2 hour break, in fact. So I guilted […]

Last Minute Fitness Gifts

You still have 8 days left for Christmas shopping, and I’ve put together a list of some great gifts for the fitness lover in your life! (Or, you know, just in case you’re worried Santa may not take good care of you, these could also be for yourself!) Customizable yoga mats You can’t go wrong […]

My New Favorite Running Buddy

Sleepy running buddy I went for a great run today in the park. Usually I run solo, leaving hubby to look after the bub, but it was so nice out today, it was almost nap-time, and I didn’t get my normal weights session in today, so out we went. Running with a stroller is nowhere […]

Desperately Seeking Motivation?

A lot of the time, you read that motivation is what’s lacking in people who are sedentary. I couldn’t agree less. I recently had an email from a friend, asking for advice on starting exercise. The problem, honestly, was not that she needed motivation – she was definitely motivated to start. It was just that she […]

It’s Fitness Month!

Fits close to the body so you’recomfortable running. May is Fitness month, which is as good an excuse as any to incorporate new fitness habits into everyday life. I’ll be posting regularly this month with fitness gear finds, ideas for getting more active, and articles on fitness and wellness. Start by checking out the brand […]