Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ Review

I remember not too long ago when the hard miles had a ‘7’ at the start of them. When everything felt right, when I was at the peak of my fitness, confidence and ability. It was back when I could sign up for a race at the last minute and feel like I had a […]

Fine Fit Day Year in Review 2015

With only ten days left in the year (!), it’s time to take a look back at 2015 on Fine Fit Day. I’ve already summed up my year of running, now it’s time to see what the most popular posts were on the blog this year. I’m taking the rest of the week off to […]

Even Coaches Need Coaching – January Reset for Runners

There’s a common misconception that fitness professionals are always in peak form, always have it all together when it comes to working out and nutrition and don’t need any help – after all, if they’re a trainer or a coach, they can just use their expertise on themselves, right? Wrong. And I need help! My […]

Gift Guide for Fitness Techies

Seems like everyone has something on their wrist these days to let them know how many steps they need to take before going to bed (and what their quality of sleep will be like once they’re there). Right? Well, there are definitely a couple of those wearable fitness monitors on this gift guide for the […]

Gift Guide for the Gym Lover

Jingle bells, kettle bells… If you’re a regular at the gym, or you strength train at home, I guarantee there’s something on this list that will catch your eye. Feel free to subtly forward this link to your significant other if they need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to gift-giving! […]

Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

After moving out of Brooklyn to a place where our kitchen is all new and shiny (we even have a dishwasher! New Yorkers share my awe) I was so excited to put this list together. I love cooking, but it’s that much more fun in a well-laid out kitchen with new appliances.  Today’s gift guide is for the […]

Gift Guide for Yogis

Today is all about the yoga-loving people on the nice list. When it comes to yoga, there are so many props and accessories you can find for the yogis and yoginis in your life. I’ve rounded up my favorites, as well as clothes and fun yoga-themed gifts. Remember, all this week I’m sharing gift guides […]

Gift Guide for Runners

“All you need are your sneakers and you’re good to go!” said no runner ever. I love putting together these gift guides every year because it’s so fun to take a look at all the many, many products and goodies out there for runners and dream a little bit. (Sometimes, I even get a bit […]

At Home Workouts – Grokker Review

A few weeks ago a friend came by to help me with the boys, so I could sneak out to the gym for a quick workout. I had the boys’ lunch made, I was dressed and ready to go, sneakers laced…then Baby T took one look at our kind friend’s face. Tears. Abundant tears. The […]

What Went On in November

Happy end of November, friends! How was your Thanksgiving? Is it getting cold where you are? It’s been warmer than I expected this month up here in Vermont, although the last few days have been chilly – winter is coming. Let’s lead off this Fine Fit Day November recap with the good stuff: RUNNING. I […]