Thrive by GoMacro Review and Giveaway

There are a ridiculous number of snack bars available these days – half of the snack aisle of my local supermarket is completely dedicated to granola and protein bars. How are you supposed to make a choice faced with so many? You guys already know I’m a fan of GoMacro, so when they reached out to […]

Pre and Post Run Nutrition Tips with The Rungry Health Coach

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a new guest contributor for Fine Fit Day, Beth Roessner, a one-time couch potato turned avid runner, triathlete and wellness warrior. Through her business, The Rungry Health Coach, she works with adults around the country to help them reach all of their wellness and running goals–from weight loss to boosting a runner’s […]

27 Amazing Salad Recipes

Even if it was snowing yesterday morning where you are (like it was here, what the what?), it’s spring, people! It’s time to start thinking about salads. I love salads. I am not one of those people who reluctantly orders the salad because she wants to be “good”. In fact, I’m not into designating food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. […]

Green Blender Review (plus a discount!)

Along with the many other ways life is different when you move from NYC to Vermont, your blogging event opportunities get a little slimmer. When Green Blender, an NYC-based smoothie delivery business, contacted me about trying their service for review, I reluctantly wrote a “thanks, but no thanks” email, explaining my new location. I’ve been on […]

20 Delicious Healthy Smoothie Recipes

I was never much of a smoothie drinker until my now 4-year-old abruptly stopped eating most vegetables at age 2. Once it became apparent this wasn’t a momentary phase of picky eating, I dragged out my old blender and started doing fruit and honey-laced veggie concoctions. But my blender kind of sucked and it was […]

What I Learned About Nutrition on the Runner’s Reset

I went into the Runner’s Reset, hosted by Laura, expecting to pick up a few tips for fueling properly as a runner, as well as some new easy, healthy recipes. After 18 days of the 21-day program, it’s safe to say my expectations were met, but what I learned about food and nutrition for my […]

Kale Salad with Almonds, Feta and Cherries

Today’s recipe was inspired by a salad I had in one of my favorite cafes in Brooklyn. Their kale salad had almonds, cherries and an incredible dressing. Looking for a salad to make for Thanksgiving dinner last month, I decided to do my own spin on it and created this delicious kale salad with almonds, […]

Gift Guide for Healthy Foodies

After moving out of Brooklyn to a place where our kitchen is all new and shiny (we even have a dishwasher! New Yorkers share my awe) I was so excited to put this list together. I love cooking, but it’s that much more fun in a well-laid out kitchen with new appliances.  Today’s gift guide is for the […]

Apple PB Muffins and Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie – Recipes and Giveaway!

This giveaway post is sponsored by MightyNut. I received product and compensation as part of my ambassadorship with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own. I have not one, but two protein-packed recipes for you today! Now, you know I am not the biggest fan of protein powder. I’d always rather get my protein in the […]

GoMacro MacroBars Review and Giveaway

Recently, a little box of delicious was delivered to me. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the taste of GoMacro MacroBars. When the company reached out to me to offer a box of their MacroBar Minis, as well as a box to give away to one of you lovelies, I checked […]