Pasta Face-off! Quinoa vs Whole Wheat

There is a whole lot of pasta eaten in my household. It’s my go-to dinner when I have no idea what to cook. I always have a few boxes of whole wheat pasta in the cupboard, so I can just throw together whatever I have on hand to make a healthy, yummy dinner. Not long ago, […]

Recipe – Zucchini & Squash ‘Fritters’

Lately, I’m trying to find new ways to cook veggies for the smallest person in my life. So far, broccoli and green beans have made a big comeback, despite some early reservations about their yumminess. Last night it was zucchini and squash’s turn. I thought it would be fun to do some finger food with […]

Fast, Easy, Cheap, Fake.

I was researching for a post about the ridiculous length of ingredient lists for fast food. It was going to be a fairly short post about being careful of what goes into your body; about being aware that the ingredients information is readily available to you; about trying to make conscious decisions to be thoughtful […]

Apples Strike Again! The 2013 Dirty Dozen

Every year, the Environmental Working Group releases its list of the DIRTY DOZEN – the 12 fruits and vegetables most contaminated by pesticides when conventionally grown. If you can’t afford to buy organic, the EWG does point out that “eating conventionally-grown produce is far better than not eating fruits and vegetables at all”. That’s where their annual […]

Best Snacks for Post Workout

Did you know that you should be refueling your body with a post workout snack within 30 minutes after you finish your workout, if you’ve been exercising at a moderate to high intensity for 45 minutes or longer? Even for early morning exercisers, you may find that by the time you get around to eating […]

Is Organic Worth It?

Screenshot from – an organic apple is 25 cents more expensive. Eating all organic is expensive. It’s hard to justify the cost when you’re in the supermarket, looking at organic apples that look identical to the non-identical apples, except for the difference in price. Recently, someone brought this study by Stanford University to my attention, and […]

Smaller Sips to Weight Loss

Food journals can be a great tool for losing weight, or maintaining weight loss without necessarily counting calories. Keeping track of your diet habits is great as a short-term strategy – it definitely works to keep you accountable for what you’re putting in your body, and helps you recognize habits or ‘treats’ which may be […]

The Dirty Dozen

Committing to buying and eating organic can be expensive. I am a big believer in organic food, and it annoys me that it’s thought of as a trendy movement, or only for rich people or hippies. It is food that fuels us, we’re feeding the only body we get, why would we choose food contaminated […]