Monthly Workout Round Up – Hill Running Workouts

I have a complicated relationship with hills. My training for the Vermont City Marathon this year involved plenty of hills. I was determined to attack the long climb at mile 15 as prepared as I could be. And sometimes my mental state made them harder than they should have been. We all know how the […]

Vermont City Marathon 2016 Recap – The Black Flag Affair

Well, I am not a three-time marathoner. Turns out that 22 mile long run I ran in the pouring rain on Mother’s Day morning was the closest I would get to running a marathon. I have been conspicuously absent from Instagram or my Facebook page since Marathon Sunday, because I had nothing to share. No […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 1

The first week of  Vermont City Marathon training is in the bank. I love thinking of it in that way – like I’m saving up and collecting those miles and workouts, the physical and mental gains and putting them in an account to grow. Then all I can do is hope that the day I want to close […]

Your Support Network – An A-Team for Your A-Game

Who’s in your corner? Whatever your goals may be, one of the most important parts of setting yourself up to succeed is to ensure your support network is in place. Now, if we were all professional athletes, our support network would include shoe companies, coaches, nutritionists, maybe massage therapists (yes, please!). Alas, we are not […]

35 Tips for Healthy Living and Happiness

You don’t always have to have big, crazy, overwhelming goals for your fitness, health and wellness. Sometimes finding happiness and getting more out of life is as simple as changing some small habits, or trying a new technique. Likewise, a healthy lifestyle is not all about working out and eating healthy. It’s about staying curious, […]

8 Quotes for the New Year

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope your celebrations were fun and you have big plans for the next 12 months. And if your celebrations were a little too fun, I hope there’s a lot of coffee in your immediate future. I love the first day of a new year. I know it’s just a […]

Got Goals? My Plans for the New Year.

It’s that time of year when everyone starts looking forward to the calendar flipping over to a whole new year, a new number, a fresh start. Whether your 2015 has been magical, or you’ve advised it not to let the door hit it on the way out, a new year feels like a good time […]

Even Coaches Need Coaching – January Reset for Runners

There’s a common misconception that fitness professionals are always in peak form, always have it all together when it comes to working out and nutrition and don’t need any help – after all, if they’re a trainer or a coach, they can just use their expertise on themselves, right? Wrong. And I need help! My […]

3 Accidental Healthy Habits

Sometimes it seems like making changes for a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming and just too hard. I’ve heard it so often from clients – it’s like they have no idea where to start, or what to focus on. There are so many ways of approaching eating healthy, moving more and staying active – it can easily […]

Running Tips: How to Become a Morning Runner

It’s easy to believe all the people you know who are just getting back from their run as you stumble bleary-eyed to the coffee maker are born morning people. If you took an informal poll of the runners in your life, though, I think it would surprise to you to find out there are a […]