Real Life Bucket List

I LOVE bucket lists. Love them. If you are a blogger and you write a bucket list, I will read it closely. I want to see what you want to do, what drives you, your dreams and aspirations…and then I will crib off you and pick things off your list to add to my own.  For as […]

The Run Report – 26.2 on my horizon

Okay guys, run report time. Confession (and it’s not even time for runfessions yet!) – I haven’t been doing a lot of running. I’ve been doing a few short runs, like 3 miles or less, along the river, or on the trails near our new place. But honestly, with the unpacking/organizing (we’ve finished unpacking but […]

5 Ways to Organize Your Week (and Beat Procrastination)

I am a master of procrastination. If something needs to be done, I will find a way to distract myself and then curse myself at three in the morning trying to finish on a deadline. When we decided to move to Vermont within a five-week timeline, procrastination wasn’t going to cut it. Not with two kids […]

The Run Report: Running Bucket List for NYC

When we made the decision to move to Vermont next month (that is officially a weird thing to write, by the way – I don’t think it’s sunk in completely!), we talked about stuff we’d miss in New York and Brooklyn, as well as what we were looking forward to in our new home. My […]

Nobody is Doing it All

We compare. That’s what we do. You can read that quote “comparison is the thief of joy” a hundred times, but I doubt it’s ever yet stopped you from sizing yourself up against somebody – a friend, a relative, a celebrity, the person in line in front of you at the store. But what are you […]

The Trouble With SHOULD – Throwback Thursday

Who’s ready for a holiday weekend? I am looking forward to spending time with some family and friends, enjoying some good food, good times and yes, probably running too! For this week’s Throwback Thursday with Brittany, I started thinking about all the pressure we put on ourselves based on what we think we should be […]

3 Reasons the Scale Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, I would be willing to bet that stepping on the scale was how you measured success. In fact, the very act of losing weight means that number on the scale should be going down…right? Not always. And sometimes that number goes up even when you’ve done everything right […]

Three Things That Surprised Me About Postpartum Running

I made my postpartum check up appointment for 5 weeks after giving birth. I remember putting it in my calendar, thinking, “I am so smart, getting a week’s head start on being cleared to exercise. I will be dying to run by then!” It turned out to be sort of true. I was dying to […]

Throwback Thursday – What’s Your Fitness Motivation?

When was the last time you looked to someone else for fitness motivation? As a personal trainer, I’m often in the position of having clients hoping I will not only provide the workouts and advice, but also the motivation. It’s a recipe for failure – without an intrinsic motivation to get fit and strong, there’s […]

Believe. The Mental Aspect of Running [Guest Post]

Today’s guest post is from the inimitable Nellie of Brooklyn Active Mama. It’s no secret I think Nellie is a total bad ass. You may remember her from Fit Mama Friday, or as one of my running inspirations when I recapped my last year of running. If you don’t know the story behind Nellie transforming […]