10 Glute Activation Exercises to Keep Your Butt Strong

Recently I’ve been working with two athletes who are recovering from injury. We’ve been incorporating glute activation exercises into each of their warm-ups, to prepare their muscles for the session, and ensure they are using their glutes as effectively as possible during their workout. Maybe you’ve used some of these glute activation exercises yourself, if […]

Run It – A Workout for Runner’s Knee (plus 5 more workouts for running injuries!)

Runners disagree on a lot of things. The best foot strike, what GPS watch to buy, which fuel for the long run. But one thing we can all unequivocally agree upon is running injuries SUCK. Even if they’re at the early stage of minor annoyance, we know we have to deal with them or it’s going to […]

What Does ‘Listening to Your Body’ Mean, Anyway?

Every time I send clients their training program for the week, I find myself telling them, “Don’t forget to listen to your body!” Since I’m doing online training, I’m not usually able to monitor my clients’ form or identify whether something is particularly challenging for them. I’m also not able to intuit quickly whether their […]

6 Reasons You Should Skip Your Workout

“Suck it up, Buttercup!” “Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when it’s done.” “No one ever regretted a workout.” We’ve all seen those fitspo quotes, right? Well, actually, there are plenty of people who have definitely regretted a workout. Just because you physically can workout, doesn’t always mean you should. As a trainer, you’d think […]


On the last Friday of the month, Marcia hosts a Runfessions link up, where we can all spill our deep, dark running secrets…or you know, just write about running. And every month, almost without fail, I totally forget to join in with my runner friends. But not this time, baby! Except… well, there hasn’t been […]

Train Your Brain: How Runners Can Overcome Mental Ruts [Guest Post]

My guest writer today is someone whose blog I’ve been reading a long time. Jesica from rUnladylike is here today to share her tips on how to train your brain to overcome mental ruts when it comes to running. If you haven’t read rUnladylike yet, head over and check it out – Jesica is a knowledgable, experienced […]

How Emotions Can Make You Sick (and what you can do about it) [Guest Post]

Kristin Deiss is almost a regular guest writer for me now! Kristin is a good friend, who happens to be a Master Reiki practitioner, a yoga instructor and an all-round smart cookie. You may remember my interview with her, What Is Reiki? as well as her post How We Can Find Happiness in the Holidays. […]

When (and How) to Regress Your Workout

In case you missed it, I wrote a guest post for Cranky Fitness on 5 Things You Should be Doing in the Gym (and 5 Things That Waste Your Time) a couple of weeks ago. I love writing these kinds of posts because I feel like there’s so much misinformation and people get overwhelmed about what […]

The Best Exercises to Relieve Back Pain (psst: these work for pregnancy, too!)

I’ve had a few clients who have had chronic back pain. There are several exercises I would program as a warm up and a cool down before their sessions. The same moves also work well for pregnant women trying to relieve back discomfort caused by their growing bump. So it’s no surprise that these are the exercises I turned […]

Something You Can’t See Could Kill You (it’s totally legal and shouldn’t be)

Does that sound like a sensationalist headline for a blog post? Sadly, it’s not. This week is Asbestos Awareness Week and if you think that has nothing to do with you, you’re wrong. Emily Walsh, the Community Outreach Director for the Mesothelioma Alliance, reached out to me recently about raising awareness for the prevention of […]