Trainer Tips: How Many Sets and How Many Reps?

It’s so weird not training people. I had a core group of clients back in Brooklyn and worked three mornings a week and a couple of evenings. It was definitely part-time, but of course you get invested in your clients’ lives and goals and ambitions. In fact, many of my friends back in Brooklyn are […]

Throwback Thursday – What’s Your Fitness Motivation?

When was the last time you looked to someone else for fitness motivation? As a personal trainer, I’m often in the position of having clients hoping I will not only provide the workouts and advice, but also the motivation. It’s a recipe for failure – without an intrinsic motivation to get fit and strong, there’s […]

When (and How) to Regress Your Workout

In case you missed it, I wrote a guest post for Cranky Fitness on 5 Things You Should be Doing in the Gym (and 5 Things That Waste Your Time) a couple of weeks ago. I love writing these kinds of posts because I feel like there’s so much misinformation and people get overwhelmed about what […]

I Can’t Motivate You

As a personal trainer, I’ve had many clients over the years who have wanted me to hold their hand. Not literally, of course. They’ve wanted me to make them do the work. To motivate them. To not only give them the tools to achieve their goals, but be there supporting them every step of the […]

27 Signs You May Be a Personal Trainer

Although I no longer work out of a gym and my hours spent training are way less than they used to be, there are some things that are always true of being a personal trainer. Are you concerned you may be a personal trainer? Consult this checklist to see if you’re at risk. 1. Your […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie. Fit Mama of two boys, Dylan 5, and Logan 2 ½, Natalie Thrash has been active and healthy nearly all her life. She and her husband Chris, an avid cyclist, have been married 14 years. Despite her active background, Natalie found out the hard way the effects poor eating habits and a sedentary […]

10 Ways to be a Personal Trainer’s Dream Client

1. Be consistent. If your schedule is all over the place, communicate with your trainer upfront and find out how flexible they can be. Try to reschedule sessions rather than cancel. If you have to cancel a session with no way to reschedule, make sure you work out by yourself whenever possible. 2. Be positive. […]