Body Image After Baby

While you are reading this post, I am most likely baking a birthday cake for my sweet Baby T, who will forever be a baby even though he’s turning one tomorrow. ONE. This is just crazy for me to write, it seems like yesterday I was pregnant with him. I figured the eve of his first […]

Running While Breastfeeding – Running Tips

I mentioned in my last marathon training update that since Baby T was ill, it meant all he wanted to do was nurse. One of the more frustrating things about being a mother runner is that when your babies are still babies, you’re not only at the mercy of their sleep schedule (and often your […]

15 Ways Running a Marathon is Just Like Giving Birth

In case you weren’t aware, my husband is ready to either commit me or kill me for my continued insistence that a third baby is a fantastic idea. Last week I got back from baby-and-me yoga with Baby T (that’s just as adorable as it sounds, by the way) and was chit-chatting with Fran when […]

Three Things That Surprised Me About Postpartum Running

I made my postpartum check up appointment for 5 weeks after giving birth. I remember putting it in my calendar, thinking, “I am so smart, getting a week’s head start on being cleared to exercise. I will be dying to run by then!” It turned out to be sort of true. I was dying to […]

What Went On in April

Well, I started off the wonderful month of April super pregnant, super cranky and almost convinced I was never going to give birth. I’m so happy I actually remembered to do a take two of the photo of me heavily pregnant with Roman, in the nursery. I remember how excited I was in that first […]

The Craziest Thing I Did During My Twin Pregnancy [Guest Post]

You know what’s one of the best parts of being a blogger? All the amazing people you meet and get to know. One of those fabulous people, the funny, fast, fearless Allie from VITA – Train for Life, is here to help me out during my maternity leave with a guest post that made me shake […]

Welcome Baby Tanner!

I am in love. There were times during my pregnancy when I would snuggle with Roman, or look at him and think, “How could I ever possibly love another child as much as I love him?” I’m sure this is something a lot of soon-to-be parents of more than one child wonders and now I […]

15 Frequently Asked Questions: Running During Pregnancy

Since I was already a runner, I continued running during both my pregnancies. I’ve had so many questions from friends, clients and complete strangers about the ins and outs of running during pregnancy that I realized running during pregnancy is one of those things nobody is really sure about. Is it safe? Should you try it? […]

The Run Report – Postpartum Running Preview

I was googling inspiring running quotes a couple of days ago (as you do, right?) and one of them made me want to get up and just go – head out the door, up the road to the park, then just run. No GPS, no pace, no nothing – just go and feel the ground […]

Fine Fit Pregnancy – Reaching Term

“I never want to hear the phrase, ‘I loved being pregnant!‘ from your mouth ever again.” Strong words from my main man – but truer words have never been spoken. I am very conscious of not complaining about what is such a gift – to be pregnant with no complications, waiting out the last days […]