PRO Compression Marathon Socks Review – #KeepItTight (plus a 40% discount for YOU!)

I’ve been busy testing out the PRO Compression Marathon Socks. Part of being a SweatPink ambassador for FitApproach means that I have the opportunity to review cool products for the blog. So I jumped at the chance for a free pair of PRO Compression Marathon socks to try out for review – I wanted to see […]

Helpouts by Google Review – what did we do before the internet?

What did we do before the internet? Okay, so I know that we survived for a long time without the technology we all pretty much take for granted. But now, when I say, “Let me look that up”, I’m not going off to consult my set of encyclopedias. So when Kristin from Helpouts by Google asked […]

Apera Bags Review and Giveaway!

You remember that scene in the 21 Jump Street movie, where Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are heading into school, debating whether they should ‘one-strap’ or ‘two-strap’ their backpacks so they’d seem cool? I’m firmly in the two-strap camp, not to be cool, but because I commute by foot, walking all over Brooklyn to my […]

Cook&Go NYC Review (plus recipes and a discount code!)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Fitness Blogger event at Cook&Go NYC culinary studio. Taking a one-time cooking class is something I’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to doing, so I was excited to be invited. Our menu for the evening was vegetarian, with a healthy focus (since […]

6 Awesome Things I’m Loving (And Sharing!)

So this is a little bit of a random post, but there are a few new things I’ve been using lately that I’ve been loving. I figured I’d share, because these are all things that are either making my life easier, or even happier, and who would say no to that, right? 6 Awesome Things […]

2B Drinks Review

A little while back, 2B Drinks reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their drinks. My first inclination was skepticism. I mean, as far as beverages go, this is where I live: I am not a soda drinker. I am not a juice drinker. I don’t even drink Gatorade when […]

Social Pace Review

  A couple of months ago, a client of mine decided she wanted to run her first 5K. I was thrilled – I don’t actively try to turn my clients into runners, but I love it when they decide that running can be fun and want to pursue it further. So I modified her program […]

Bulu Box Review

  Recently, a representative from Bulu Box reached out to me to introduce their company and ask if I’d be interested in being an ambassador for them. I checked out their website and I immediately knew I was not their target blogger. Why not? Well, first a little introduction to Bulu Box: Bulu Box is […]

the sweetbean experience. Healing Through Food.

  I want to introduce you guys to a new company based in NYC, started by a friend of mine, which is right. up. my. alley. (And no, I am not being compensated for this post, but I may will pester said friend into writing a guest post for me in the future!) the sweetbean experience. […]