Brooklyn Half Marathon 2014 – PR Baby!!

You know you ran a good race when you’re still sore two days later. I can’t remember ever being this sore after a half marathon. In fact, the last time I felt this way was after running 26.2 miles. In the last week, after I decided to attempt 1:45 at the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 8

Remember I was trying to decide whether to go for the PR in the Brooklyn Half, or in the Covered Bridges Half in Vermont? Well, I spoke to my coach this week and asked him his thoughts. Here’s the short version: I’m going for it in Brooklyn! Basically, my coach thinks that I’m ready to […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 7

The big news this week was that I bit it during my long run. About half an hour into it, I tripped on a root and pinwheeled wildly for a few strides before falling. I put my arm out to break my fall and apart from my pride, I wasn’t hurt. Except the next time I […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 6

Oh man, this big scary PR goal is creeping up on me awful fast! You want to know my big fear? I’m afraid of failing spectacularly not once, but twice. See, I’m signed up for the Brooklyn Half for May 17. I’m also running my goal race, the Covered Bridges Half Marathon, in Vermont on […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 5

My back feels normal again and I’m so relieved. I was pretty sure once I realized that moving and running made it feel better, rather than worse, that it must be muscular. Since it took about a week to feel 100%, I’m certain it was just a strained muscle. It did make me nervous, if only because […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 4

Remember I mentioned I hurt my back last week….by sneezing? Two of my clients suggested I never tell anyone that’s how I hurt my back. They thought it was a little…embarrassing. Too late. Image via Elliott Brown/Flickr Anyway, that was on Wednesday and I actually went out for a run that afternoon. It felt painful […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 3

A few days ago I told you I felt like I was full of excuses for not working out, since Roman’s sitter was on vacation. It really threw me for a loop. I only have her part-time, because my hours are early and I don’t have a full-time schedule, but those mornings for working and […]

Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 2

I decided after looking at last week’s training log that I was missing some strength training. You know I’m a huge proponent of strength training for runners, so I’m glad I started doing these weekly updates to have a visual reminder of where I’m lacking in my training. Here was my week of training towards […]

Half Marathon PR Quest

It’s 10 weeks until one of my favorite races of the year, the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont. I’m running to raise money for an amazing charity, David’s House in New Hampshire.  (My fundraising link and info about the charity is at the end of the post). Back in December, I signed up with […]