Marathon Training Week 15 Update – The Big Reveal

Maybe I don’t remember what tapering was like the last time I ran the marathon (or maybe I successfully blocked it out), but I have been feeling a bit grouchy at a loss without my longer runs and packed schedule. Every single one of my runs this week I did ‘as you feel’ – I […]

Marathon Training Update Week 14 – Everything Went Wrong

What a week. Originally I’d planned to have lots of gorgeous photos of the beautiful Autumn leaves in Vermont, where we were spending the weekend. I was planning on one, maybe two runs while we were up there. Friday afternoon rolled around, Roman finished his lunch, looked at me and promptly started throwing up. Needless […]

Marathon Training Week 13 – Ultimate Long Run

PHEW. Three weeks left and the longest run I have left in my training plan is 11 miles. I am officially in taper land, people!! So, how was Week 13 of marathon training? Following the half marathon race I ran as a long run last Sunday, I gave myself a couple of days off running. […]

Marathon Training Update Week 12 – Grete’s Great Gallop

After last week’s high mileage and long run of 19 miles, this week was a very much appreciated lighter week of marathon training. I checked my training schedule three times during the week, certain I’d missed a key run I was supposed to get done, because it almost felt like not enough running. One thing […]

Marathon Training Update Week 11 – ‘V’ is for Vegas

Last week I mentioned that Week 11 of marathon training was going to have its challenges. We got home late Monday after a day of flight delays in Chicago and then Fran had to leave at 4:30am Tuesday to head to Vegas for a week for work! I really thought my week without Daddy support […]

Marathon Training Update Week 10 – Mind Games (plus my giveaway winner!)

Hi guys! Thanks for bearing with me for a day while we regrouped from our Chicago trip. Week 10 of marathon training was surprisingly tough for me. It was one of the ‘down’ weeks structured into the training plan, where you’re basically recovering from a few hard weeks of training prior. This week’s long run […]

Marathon Training Week 9 Update – Reflection

I feel like I should be walking around knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder. Why? Because I am injury-free and feeling great, nine weeks into marathon training! In 2010 when I was training, I was suffering from ITB syndrome right around now and as a result, my long runs were not getting […]

Marathon Training Week 8 Update – Halfway there!!

Halfway, baby!! I can’t believe it. Only 8 more weeks and I’ll be on that starting line again. Lots of miles to go, but this week I definitely felt the training effects of half a marathon training program! This week of marathon training almost felt like a holiday. My ‘long run’ was only 12 miles […]

Marathon Training Week 7 Update – Feeling Negative, but only in my SPLITS!!

Negative splits. Is there any more happy phrase in a runner’s lexicon? This week of my NYRR Virtual Trainer program was both the highest mileage week AND the least structured. I ran one run ‘as you feel’, three runs at a regular pace (i.e. slower than marathon pace but faster than long run pace) and […]

Marathon Training Week 6 Update – Trust Issues

Oh, hey! Remember two weeks ago when I wrote about how life kind of got in the way of marathon training? Well, guess what happened again this week? Yup. This was not a good week for training. The week before last, one of my clients asked me if I was pregnant (Spoiler: I AM NOT!). […]