Philadelphia Fun and a 5K

How was everyone’s weekend? It feels like Spring has settled in here in the Northeast, which I could not be more glad about. The sunny weather makes me happier and I love being able to just go out to run without having to layer up like crazy. We had a lovely long weekend in Philadelphia, […]

Speed Workouts for the Track Deprived

Speed workouts are one of the most often skipped workouts in any given running plan. Incorporating one speed workout into your week can make such a difference not only to the outcome of your planned race, but also to how you feel during your long runs and easy runs. Working on speed is going to […]

Ouch! Shin Splints

You know when you feel that burning pain right in the center of your shin? You massage it a little and it feels incredibly tender, like it’s bruised. That’s called shin splints and it’s a common injury. It’s caused by the tibia pulling away from the muscle and connective tissues, creating tearing in the muscle […]

The Race that Wasn’t – With a Heaping Side of Italian Food

This past weekend, we traveled upstate to visit our cousins Doug and Kathy and their kids for a couple of days. Our cousins invited us a couple of months back for the Kingston Shamrock Run, which was Sunday. I immediately said yes because I knew we’d have an awesome weekend. I didn’t even bother looking up the […]

Bored of Your Running Route?

Back when I was training for the NYC marathon in 2010, there came a time when the thought of yet another lap of Prospect Park was almost too much for me to bear. I had used my GPS watch to come up with new twists and turns through the park, so I wasn’t always just […]

Race Recap – Al Gordon Classic 4 mile

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Saturday morning I ran the NYRR Al Gordon Classic 4 mile race, in my own backyard! (Well, Prospect Park, but it’s pretty close). I’m so used to working out the MTA’s chaotic weekend schedule and trying to get to random start lines in Central Park for early morning […]

My Workout Today

This morning I woke up today feeling a little under the weather – like my body was trying to fight off a head cold. Once I was up and about I felt a little better, so after I was done with my clients, I felt well enough to get a good speed workout in on […]

If a pack of zombies was chasing you, you’d run, right?

I’ve been thinking recently about motivation and how hard it is to kick-start a fitness routine. Once you really get going, working out just becomes part of your lifestyle, but it’s the beginning stages of an exercise plan that can be tough. I get it – if exercise isn’t part of your life right now, […]

January running doesn’t get much better than this! (Plus, a major PR!)

It’s perfect running weather right now! I skipped the gym and headed out for a run while the going is good!! The best part about my run today? Not that it was so warm out; not that it felt easy; not that I was running in beautiful Prospect Park – the best part was that […]

My Workout Today – Starting to Get Ready for Pre-Training, for Training, for Running the Marathon Edition ;)

I’m running the ING New York City marathon again this year! The last time I ran it was also my first and only marathon yet, back in 2010. It still ranks as one of the best days of my life, that’s what an incredible rush it was to be able to run and complete a full […]