Vermont City Marathon 2016 Recap – The Black Flag Affair

Well, I am not a three-time marathoner. Turns out that 22 mile long run I ran in the pouring rain on Mother’s Day morning was the closest I would get to running a marathon. I have been conspicuously absent from Instagram or my Facebook page since Marathon Sunday, because I had nothing to share. No […]

Thoughts Before the Marathon

I’m running a marathon on Sunday. I’m not nervous as much as have my head firmly planted in the sand about what it’s going to be like. You know when you hurt yourself badly and then afterward you find it difficult to remember how that pain felt? If you’ve given birth (an experience that’s not unlike […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 15

Six more days! How did this happen? I started out training for this marathon in the cold and the snow. This week it’s been sunny and 70 degrees. My running has warmed up as the weather has, but definitely not to the extent I hoped (or maybe even expected). I look back on that first […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 14

The last double digit run, done. And this week’s, even though it was longer than a half marathon, seemed like a walk in the park. Or I guess, since I no longer run in my beloved Prospect Park, a stroll by the lake. 🙂 And to tapering we go… Current Goal: My goal last week […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 13

Hey, remember when I lied to you guys? Ha ha, not really, not on purpose. But by the magic of pre-scheduling, I wrote that I would be out on my 22 mile long run on Friday while you were reading my post that day. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that it didn’t […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 12

Having a ‘long’ run of 10 miles this week was magical. It truly felt like I had such a great break and it made me realize I have hit that sweet spot of marathon training where a distance that probably seems like a considerable undertaking for many has become a ‘short’ run.  Current Goal: My […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 11

The plague has lifted from our house. Just when I was back to stroller running and fitting in a regular run while Baby T napped, he came down with the latest pre-school lurgy his big brother brought home with him. But the weekend was a turning point – he was finally feeling well enough for […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 10

What a great week of running! After my funk last week of being sick and not getting my long run done, this week was a total turnaround. I missed a regular run early in the week, but my main focus of getting my mileage back up and back on track for the marathon was a […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 9

I’m back baby. Well, kind of. This cold really kicked my butt and to top it off, Roman developed a delightful case of pink eye and was home from school half the week. I am finally feeling more human again and determined to kick back into gear this week for the rest of the program. […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 6

Happy Spring! We had a cold snap at the end of the week and I’m hoping it was just the last gasp of winter. We also had a couple of close to 60 degree days during the week, which made me realize how much I’m missing the warm weather. Bring on summer! My four year-old […]