8 Essential Stretches for Runners

If you’ve ever read any article on running, you’ve read about the importance of stretching. But how exactly should you stretch? You probably have the basic stretches for runners down – hamstring stretch on a bench, or holding your foot behind you to stretch your quads. But if you have a few minutes extra to spare […]

7 Awesome NO Equipment Workouts [Guest Post]

I first stumbled across Ruthie’s blog She’s Wicked Healthy after reading her column Run For Your Life on the iRunner blog (iRunner is one of the founders of the #runchat hashtag and chats on Twitter). Ruth is now one of my favorite bloggers to read. She’s smart, fit, funny and totally gets it when it comes to […]

3 Quick Workouts #noexcuses

One of the biggest excuses for not working out is that you don’t have enough time. I know, I know, you think if you don’t workout for an hour it’s not worth it. But with enough intensity, you can get great results from a short workout. Maybe you won’t get to every muscle group, and […]

Running Tips – Strength Training to be a Better Runner

The best way to get better at running is … by running. That doesn’t mean that strength training is not important for runners, though. With so much time dedicated to training runs throughout the week, it’s easy to blow off time in the gym. With this installment of the Running Tips series, I’m going to […]

A Treadmill Workout, when it’s too damn cold to run outside

It’s fuh-reezing. Okay, today is better than the last couple of days, but it’s good to have a back-up plan when you can’t face running outside. So, here are a couple of treadmill workouts for you – short and sweet, so you can even incorporate them into a strength-training session at the gym: Want more […]

Kick your Own Butt Circuit Workout!

I had less time than I thought at the gym yesterday when I went to complete my daily Elf for Health challenge – a Circuit Workout! Since I was running short on time, I powered through it at a really fast pace, so I definitely kept my heart rate elevated and kicked my own butt! […]

Three 15 Minute Workouts

I was talking to a client this week, who does a ‘homework’ session every week, on top of our training. Basically I’ve given her an extra session to do on her own through the week. She told me that since she’s so short on time, sometimes the extra session gets skipped because she knows she […]

Marathon Training Week 8 Update – Halfway there!!

Halfway, baby!! I can’t believe it. Only 8 more weeks and I’ll be on that starting line again. Lots of miles to go, but this week I definitely felt the training effects of half a marathon training program! This week of marathon training almost felt like a holiday. My ‘long run’ was only 12 miles […]

The CrossFit Controversy – Readers Weigh In

Last week for my column Working (Out) Mama at The Stir, I wrote about the reasons why I don’t think CrossFit is the best workout choice for everyone. I think it was clear that I wasn’t being controversial for the sake of controversy – there are aspects of CrossFit I think are great, but just […]

Cardio – Strength Combo Workout!

Ready for a workout? Try this Cardio – Strength Combo Workout I put together (before I started spending all my time training for the marathon!). Circuits are a great way to combine some cardio with your strength training – not only do these circuit include a 2 minute cardio component, you are also keeping your […]