SUPERsets! A workout to kick off your week.

  I did this workout last week as 2 sets of 18 reps – it was tough! But I felt so amazing after it was over – I really pushed myself and felt great. You can do it as any kind of workout – maybe 3 sets of 8, or 2 sets of 15, whatever […]

How NOT to train for a half marathon

First up – before I even begin telling you about my woeful excuse for half marathon training, I need to let you know that I have not yet run said half marathon. I could crush it! I could PR! It could be the best race I’ve ever run! (Probably not, but you never know!) So, […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Emily W.

Meet Emily W. That’s Emily in the foreground, being a badass Fit Mama! Four mornings a week, while her husband Brent and her sons, Henry, 6 and Charlie, almost 5, sleep happily, Emily West is up before the sun to make it to a 5:30am CrossFit class. By 6:30am she is back home, helping her […]

Stop Wasting Time at the Gym

What goes through your mind when you have a spare 20 minutes in your day? Do you even think about using that short of a period of time to workout? Or do you go grab a cup of coffee, respond to emails and texts, surf the web and realize your 20 minutes has slipped through […]

New Mama Workout!

When athletes work out, their goal is not to get rid of their love handles, or to try to get more definition in their arms. When they work out, their goal is to improve their strength, endurance, and overall performance in their sport. The side effects of this kind of functional, sports-specific training? Amazing  looking […]

Combining Cardio and Strength Training

There’s a really interesting article in The New York Times today, about two studies exploring whether muscles react better to strength training and cardio if they are combined in one workout, or take place on separate days. Combine short workoutsand save time! You can read the article here. It seems from the results of muscles biopsies taken […]