Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, if you’re celebrating! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day with family and friends.

Awesome Fit Mama Update!

My lovely Fit Mama from a couple of weeks ago, Tamara shared some exciting news this week! If you remember, Tamara was trying for a third baby and was working hard to keep her fitness level so she’d be in great shape for pregnancy. Here’s Tamara’s fantastic news: Congratulations to Tamara, her husband Chris and their two […]

This Friday, check out a new feature – Fit Mama Fridays!

This week I’m so excited to be introducing a new regular feature on the blog: Fit Mama Friday! I’m really looking forward to sharing with you the stories of some amazing women who are making sure they make fitness and health a priority as they navigate motherhood. Ever see a fit, healthy mother out walking […]

Back Away from the Non-Organic Apple…The 2011 Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual report of the Dirty Dozen – the produce with the most pesticide residue (see the 2011 list here). These are the fruits and vegies to avoid buying non-organic whenever you can. Do you really want to be ingesting pesticides? I know I’m pretty sure that rinsing my […]

How Important is Diet for Weight Loss?

I started training a client about 9 weeks ago. His primary goal is weight loss, along with stress reduction and overall better health. As of yesterday, he has achieved an impressive 14lb weight loss! I am so proud of the hard work he has been putting in. So what has he done to lose the […]


Nerd alert. I went to a great seminar last week hosted by Equinox, with Thomas Myers as the keynote speaker. Thomas Myers is a manual therapist, who studied under Dr. Ida Rolf early in his career, and wrote a book called ‘Anatomy Trains’. Rather than seeing the body as made up of specific, separate muscles, […]

The Magic of Massage

If you’ve ever trained with me, you know I’m a proponent of massage. And cardio. But you all seem to prefer it when I recommend getting a massage as opposed to spending half an hour on the elliptical! 😉 So, after my terrible experience during the 18 mile race last Sunday, I decided I needed […]