Full Body Plank Workout

Nearly every single workout I do, I incorporate some form of a plank exercise. And my clients will be quick to complain  tell you that their workouts always seem to have planking involved. Why do I love the plank? It’s a simple position in which you’re maintaining good posture while working against gravity. Add in […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Speed Workout

A week ago a friend of mine reached out to ask me for advice on how to start building up speed in her running. She had surgery earlier this year and has been easing back into her workout routine. I gave her some general tips and then looked at my blog calendar. I wrote her […]

Wall Sit Workout

Wall sits are an exercise I know I’ll get eye rolls (at best) from clients when they find out they’re included in their session. While they seem like an exercise in just making you question your trainer’s sadistic streak, wall sits are actually a great way to build strength in your quads, glutes and calves.  Next […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Hill Running Workouts

I have a complicated relationship with hills. My training for the Vermont City Marathon this year involved plenty of hills. I was determined to attack the long climb at mile 15 as prepared as I could be. And sometimes my mental state made them harder than they should have been. We all know how the […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Injury Prevention for Runners

While I wish I could tell you that you can avoid injury forever by being proactive and doing everything you can to prevent injury in the first place, the sad news is running injuries will most likely still happen. There are so many variables to injury that it’s impossible to guarantee an injury-free running life. […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Upper Body Workout for Runners

Hi friends! It’s time for another round up of workouts for runners. I’ve teamed up with Allie, Angela, Laura, Nellie and Sarah and every month we bring you a different theme of workouts created specifically for runners. Want to catch up on previous roundups? Check them out here: Runner’s At Home Workout – Monthly Workout […]

Two a Day Workouts for Runners – Monthly Workout Round Up

Hi friends! Welcome to the second of the Monthly Workouts for Runners series! Every month, Angela, Allie, Laura, Nellie, Sarah and I bring you a workout based on a theme. Last month’s round up was indoor workouts (you can check out that round up here) and this month we’re bringing you Two a Day workouts! […]

Runner’s At Home Workout – Monthly Workout Round Up

I’ve been so excited to share this post with you guys for a while now. Today’s workout is the first in a new series of monthly workout round-ups, created by runners, for runners. Angela at Happy Fit Mama came up with the excellent idea of this monthly series, in which each blogger comes up with a workout for a […]

Resistance Band Workout (and Perfect Bands Kit giveaway!)

Sometimes it’s all too easy to ditch your workout when it’s cold out; hot out; the gym’s too far away; you’re tired; you forgot your sneakers; or Mercury is in retrograde. And then when you’re home, it can be even easier to come up with an excuse – I mean, what can you do without […]

Sshh! The Baby’s Sleeping Living Room Workout

Gone are the days of working out at the gym, earbuds in, focusing on my form, the weights, how long I’ve been resting between sets. Now? I’m the queen of the living room workout and it’s usually timed perfectly for Baby T’s nap time. Big brother is usually ‘working out’ with me, or I might set […]