A Yoga Stretch for Runners (and everyone else, too!)

  A couple of months ago in a yoga class, I learned this amazing technique to release tension and tightness in your calves. I’ve shared it with a couple of clients who have issues with their Achilles and Plantar Fasciitis, who have used it to great effect. I feel like this stretch is particularly helpful […]

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet #FitBlogNYC – Afternoon recap

  Last week I was lucky enough to be an attendee of the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet event, #FitBlogNYC. In case you missed it, you can read my recap from yesterday about the inspirational speakers we listened to throughout the morning. During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit and chat with […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Sally

Meet Sally Brooklyn readers: you should be happy that Fit Mama Sally Streets is staying fit and calm with Bikram. Mom to 2.5 year old Hazel, married to Mike, occasional make up artist and awesome blogger (Read her blog Make Face Beauty here and please check out her hysterical-and-informative Make Up TV here), Sally explains that when […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Christine

Meet Christine Do you roll your eyes when you hear a fit mama claiming, “I stay in shape just from running around after my kids”? Well, this week’s Fit Mama is proof that given the right circumstances and environment, that statement can be true! Meet Christine – a healthy, fit mama of Natalie, who is […]

We all need a little more Om in our lives

You know those “Suggested Posts” on Facebook? I usually scroll past those as quickly as I can. But yesterday, there was a suggested post on my newsfeed for Lululemon’s Om Finder. I clicked on that puppy immediately. I love yoga. I love Lululemon. (It would be amazing if at this point I could write that Lululemon […]

It’s a yoga kind of day!

I went back to yoga class today! It felt great and I actually attempted and succeeded in my first Crow pose!! I guess my son Roman felt inspired…

Taking a hard yoga class with a friend who is literally a yogi is slightly intimidating…

I love yoga. That said, I’ve never been a regular at a yoga class. I’ve taken plenty of classes over the years, but kind of sporadically. I describe myself as fairly flexible…for a runner. But today I went to a pretty advanced class at Kula Yoga in TriBeCa, with my friend Jenny, who is probably […]