Let’s Talk About Stretch, Baby – Stretching Tips from a Personal Trainer

Stretching tips from a personal trainer - why you need to stretch, when and how to do it, explained!

"I really should stretch more..."   If you've ever uttered these words, then you can join the club of most of the population, who vaguely know they should be stretching, just not how, why, when, or for how long. Stretching is one of the areas of working out that many people feel totally at a loss about. When I'm asked for help or advice when … [Continue reading]

7 (MORE) FAQ’s for Beginner Runners!

7 (MORE) FAQ's for Beginner Runners! More beginner runner questions answered by a certified running coach and personal trainer.

Not so long ago, I gave you the answers to 7 FAQ's for beginner runners...but since that only scratched the surface, today I have even more beginner runner questions and their answers to share with you! Even if you've been running for a while, some of these questions may still be something you've been wondering about. P.S. Some of the … [Continue reading]

Eat Your Veggies! Tips from The Rungry Health Coach

Eat your veggies! Why vegetables are so important in your diet, and tips from The Rungry Health Coach on how you can eat more veggies every day.

Eat your veggies! I know you've heard that before...probably on repeat when you were a kid, and maybe in your own head as an adult. Sometimes it's easier said than done - I mean, we're supposed to be eating 5 servings of vegetables a day. If you're not eating them throughout your day, it can be hard to get them all in at dinner time. Well, … [Continue reading]

What’s Coming Up – Strength Training, Stretching, and Nutrition Tips

What's Coming Up - Strength Training, Stretching, and Nutrition Tips

Well hello there, readers, I have been MIA! October was a busy, exciting month for me, and I'm excited to share what's been going on with you guys.   First up, I taught a small group training program I have been working on for a while now, which is very much tied to my area of passion in the fitness industry - getting women to feel … [Continue reading]

What a Runner *Really* Eats – Run It

What a Runner Really Eats - The Run It bloggers share what they eat before, during and after running and racing...you might be surprised!

What a runner really eats... Runners are kind of notorious for eating. All that running really makes you hungry, and thinking about the post-race food is often something that gets you through the last couple of miles of a long race. I mean, one of my guest writers is called 'The Rungry Health Coach.' Running plus all the food is a thing. So, maybe … [Continue reading]

The Surprising Reason You May Have Trouble Losing Weight – The Rungry Health Coach

The Surprising Reason You May Have Trouble Losing Weight - advice from The Rungry Health Coach on the lifestyle factor that can negatively affect your weight loss goals

Ever done everything 'right' when you're trying to lose weight, and been frustrated at what seems like an endless plateau? Today Beth Roessner, aka The Rungry Health Coach, shares the impact of stress on your system, and a possible reason you may have trouble losing weight. (And if you're looking for ways to stress less, I shared 20 ways you … [Continue reading]

7 FAQ’s for Beginner Runners

7 FAQ's for Beginner Runners - Just starting out running? Here are answers to your beginner runner questions!

Beginner runners have questions that don't even occur to people who have been running for years. When you're far removed from those early days of not really knowing what you're doing, or if running is for you, you forget that once you had questions about things that seem second nature not. I hear these questions all the time from people who are … [Continue reading]

Full Body Stability Ball Workout – Challenging and Effective!

Try this full body stability ball workout that works on strength, balance and core! Three circuits of challenging exercises all using a stability exercise ball.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stability balls? (You know, the giant inflated balls in the gym, also called Swiss balls or exercise balls.) Most people would say crunches, or if you've ever been pregnant, you might remember bouncing on one to try to relieve back discomfort. It's actually a versatile piece of equipment, … [Continue reading]

Run It – 6 Best Workouts for Half Marathon and Full Marathon

Half marathon and marathon workouts chosen by running coaches and bloggers for the Run It series. These are the workouts these coaches love for marathon and half marathon training!

Today on Run It, we're sharing running tips in the way of our favorite workouts for the half and full marathon distance. These are the workouts we have personally found to be key elements in our own training, and for those of us who coach others, they are workouts we like to include in our clients' training plans. Workouts are not just about … [Continue reading]

Breaking out of the SHOULD trap – The Rungry Health Coach

Breaking out of the SHOULD trap - The Rungry Health Coach

Today Beth Roessner, aka The Rungry Health Coach, is sharing her wisdom on the power of the word 'should'... and what we can do to lessen its hold over us. You already know that I think using 'should' can sabotage your efforts at healthy living. Today Beth breaks down an action plan of how to break 'the should trap' and take that negativity out of … [Continue reading]