Workout Clothes Under $50 You’ll Love

Workout Clothes Under $50 You'll Love

A couple of weeks ago, a new client came to my gym to meet me for her first session. She asked at the front desk how she'd recognize me. They told her, "Oh, you can't miss Carly. She's always in bright colors and crazy patterned tights." As it turned out, that day happened to be the rare occasion I was dressed head to toe in black (sometimes my … [Continue reading]

Be Well: Wellness Weekend at the Woodstock Inn

Be Well - Wellness Weekend at the Woodstock Inn

Woodstock, Vermont has been my home for just a few months now. It wasn't a carefully researched, planned move, and honestly I had no idea whether it was the right decision. One thing that has made this move a positive one for me is the sense of community I've experienced in this town, and a huge part of that has been due to my job working at the … [Continue reading]

Tips on Trail Running for Beginners

Trail Running tips for Beginners - If you're thinking about trying trail running, read these essential tips for beginners at trail running first!

One of the things I was looking forward to when moving to Vermont was trying out trail running. My experience of running was so tied to living in a big city. There were organized races on almost every weekend. City streets and bridges usually made up a portion of every run, and heading into Prospect Park or Central Park was about as close to … [Continue reading]

Does Sweating More Mean a Better Workout?

Does sweating more mean a better workout? Find out why we sweat and if it's the best way to gauge a workout's effectiveness here!

I am a serious sweat machine. When I work out, it doesn't matter if it's air conditioned indoors, or there's a cool breeze outdoors, I'm going to sweat a lot. After a long run or race, there are telltale white streaks of salt residue on my face. I see people doing a similar workout to me who barely break a sweat...but does sweating more mean a … [Continue reading]

Run It – Trail Running in Woodstock, Vermont

Run It - Rave Run. Trail running in Woodstock, Vermont (plus links to gorgeous running routes on the seacoast of NH,; Brooklyn, NYC; and Seattle, WA!)

When you run somewhere you love, your run automatically becomes better. Not necessarily easier...but better. Today on Run It, Angela, Laura, Nellie and I are inviting you to our favorite running spots, and why we love them. So come run vicariously with us in Woodstock, Vermont; the seacoast of New Hampshire; Brooklyn, NY; and the suburbs of … [Continue reading]

5 Ways You Can Make Starting Running Easier

Here are 5 unexpected tips to make starting running easier - everyone was a beginner runner once, and these are the running tips you wish you'd had!

Starting running isn't easy. Starting anything isn't easy, let's face it. Learning a new skill means that in the beginning, you're not sure what you're doing, probably making every mistake in the book, feeling like you're out of your depth, until it all just clicks. Or you give up before that happens...which is why I wanted to share with you these … [Continue reading]

10 Glute Activation Exercises to Keep Your Butt Strong

10 Glute Activation Exercises - create your own glute activating dynamic warmup for your next run or strength training workout.

Recently I've been working with two athletes who are recovering from injury. We've been incorporating glute activation exercises into each of their warm-ups, to prepare their muscles for the session, and ensure they are using their glutes as effectively as possible during their workout. Maybe you've used some of these glute activation exercises … [Continue reading]

High Five Friday

High Five Friday! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

It's time to say welcome to the weekend with a High Five Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week, full of fireworks, barbecues and fun. Check out Angela's blog (the OG of HFF) for more great reads! FIVE FROM INSTAGRAM Come follow me here if we're not already connected! :) I found myself with so many overripe bananas that I was … [Continue reading]

5 Things You Can Do Today for a Happy Week

5 Things You Can Do Today for a Happy Week. These are such small, simple things to incorporate into your day! You won't struggle to do them and you will feel SO much happier!

It's Monday, it's a new week, and you're feeling positive, excited, and like you can tackle the world...right? Me neither. ;) Rather than fall into the 'Mondays suck' cliche, there are some small, simple ways you can make your day go better (and hopefully keep it going for a happier week). Like all things health and wellness related, you know … [Continue reading]

Run It – How to beat the heat while running

One of the best parts of the Run It monthly series is that the advice and tips you get from the running bloggers and coaches involved is so varied. Every month I read the posts on the same topic from Angela, Laura, Nellie, Allie and Sarah, and each one has me nodding and thinking, 'Great advice! I've never thought about it that way." Our topic this … [Continue reading]