Favorite (FREE) Fitness Apps to Stay On Track and Motivated

Apps make life simpler. They're like shortcuts for daily life. While staying fit and strong always requires hard work, at least we have apps to make tracking, motivating and pushing ourselves easier. I use a handful of fitness apps regularly and I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at what I love using (and hopefully hear what apps help … [Continue reading]

After 17 Years, I Am an American

After 17 Years, I Am an American

On Wednesday, I became a US citizen. I haven't mentioned it on the blog, first because it's been on the calendar since the beginning of February, so it had assumed a "way in the future" feeling for me. Second, because until I was in the ceremony, reciting the Oath of Allegiance, I was kind of apprehensive that something would happen to screw it up … [Continue reading]

Breaking Records – How Running Inspires Life

Breaking Records - how running inspires life

Friday nights are not what they were in my twenties. I would think nothing of heading out for the night at the same time I'm brushing my teeth these days, or staying out until the wee hours back then. Now, with two littles tucked into bed upstairs, Friday night for me looks like a glass of wine and watching or reading something until I finally … [Continue reading]

New Trails, New Adventures

New trails, new adventures

Thank you for bearing with radio silence here on Fine Fit Day while I packed and moved! Moving is always one of those life experiences you know is going to suck, but your mind kind of wipes itself clear after each move so that you don't really remember just how MUCH it sucks until you're doing it again. Despite feeling overwhelmed with … [Continue reading]

Run It – A Workout for Runner’s Knee (plus 5 more workouts for running injuries!)

Running injuries suck - so the running coaches and bloggers of the Run It series put together advice and workouts for 6 common running injuries.

Runners disagree on a lot of things. The best foot strike, what GPS watch to buy, which fuel for the long run. But one thing we can all unequivocally agree upon is running injuries SUCK. Even if they're at the early stage of minor annoyance, we know we have to deal with them or it's going to lead to time off running...and nobody wants to … [Continue reading]

High Five Friday

High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

Holy week, Batman. Lots happened this week and life is about to get a whole lot crazier (I'm moving next weekend, for example! I know...). Time for a High Five Friday to raise a glass to a long but fun week. Don't forget to check out Angela's blog for more High Five Friday fun. FIVE FROM INSTAGRAM Follow me here if we're not already connected! … [Continue reading]

Inspirational Running Moments That Had Me in Tears

Inspirational running moments that will have you in tears (happy tears!)

The Boston Marathon is one of the most inspiring running events of the year.This year I couldn't watch the race live and I was really bummed to have missed it. As soon as I was free, I started watching all the highlights videos and reading all the media commentary. It's not the runners' speed that I'm inspired by - it's their dedication and … [Continue reading]

50 Healthy Snack Ideas

50 Healthy Snack Ideas - Whether you're a food prep queen, or just want to grab something at the store, these healthy snack options are a lifesaver!

There are so many healthy options for snacks that it should be impossible to resort to raiding the vending machine, or picking whatever looks good at the store when you're already starving. Already starving = unhealthy choice, usually. I've rounded up some great easy recipes and healthy snack ideas from healthy living bloggers so you can prep … [Continue reading]

High Five Friday – Sunshine

High Five Friday - Sunshine! Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. - Walt Whitman Sunshine! How I have missed it! This week brought warm temperatures and cloudless skies to Vermont (okay and rain, but happily it only seemed to rain at night). I got out for some lovely runs by the lake and on the cross-country ski trails nearby. I'm sure … [Continue reading]

3 Awesome At Home Workouts

3 Awesome At-Home Workouts - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options for when you want to work out, but you're stuck at home!

Sometimes it's just tough to get out of the house for a workout. This weekend was the first time since winter took hold up here in Vermont that I looked around out on my run and thought, "It's time I could take Baby T out for some stroller running." The snow is finally melted and it opens me up to more outdoor running and working out. Without … [Continue reading]