What Are Probiotics? And Why Do You Need Them?

What are probiotics? And why do you need them? The Rungry Health Coach shares all the details you need - especially runners and athletes - on incorporating probiotics in your diet.

I don't know about you guys, but the limit of my knowledge about probiotics was that they're definitely in yogurt, they're good for your gut and...well that was about it, really! Luckily, The Rungry Health Coach, aka Beth Roessner, is joining us again for a more comprehensive rundown of what probiotics are, what they do for your body, and why … [Continue reading]

Run It – Winter Running Tips

Hydration tips and tricks for runners - from running coaches and bloggers. These experienced runners share their best hydration tips for runners so you can run comfortably all summer long.

Welcome to Run It! I'm so excited to introduce this new series to you guys - our workouts for runner's series was so popular last year that we decided this year to expand the series to also include running tips and advice for you. This month's topic (fittingly) is winter running - with 6 great posts giving you tips on running in the cold, great … [Continue reading]

5 Badass Women Runners You Should Know

5 Badass Women Runners Your Should Know

I take running for granted. Sometimes I go out and run without even considering how lucky I am that I'm fit and healthy and able to run; that I have the time and means to run while my children are well looked after; that I have safe spaces nearby at my convenience. And sometimes I do remember these things and that I'm lucky and I take a moment to … [Continue reading]

Making Goals About Addition, Not Subtraction

Making Goals About Addition, Not Subtraction

I'm not good at New Year's Resolutions. It's funny, because I love the idea of the start of a new year, when anything seems possible and new opportunities seems stretched out in front of you, just waiting to be discovered and experienced. But thinking about what I want those opportunities and experiences to be? Not my forte. The closest I've come … [Continue reading]

My Year of Running 2016

My Year of Running 2016

It's an indication of what my 2016 was like that I'm publishing my year of running wrap up post almost two weeks into the new year. 2016 was a tumultuous year for me and my running reflected that. I've written before about how running is like life...and if there's one running experience that really defines my 2016 for me, it's the Vermont City … [Continue reading]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Treadmill Workout

Need a treadmill workout? Here are 6 workouts to get you through your next indoor running session!

Here we are in a brand new year and we have one last monthly workout for runners round up to share. In case you missed them, every month 6 of us running bloggers have been sharing workouts for runners with a different theme every month. Turns out 2016 kind of got away from us, so today we're sharing our last round up post of treadmill … [Continue reading]

In Defense of Grains – The Rungry Health Coach

In Defense of Grains - The Rungry Health Coach

Welcome to this month's guest post from Beth Roessner, aka The Rungry Health Coach! Today Beth is offering a defense of grains. Why have they become enemy number one recently? And what do you need to know about grains in your diet?  And don't forget to catch up on Beth's previous posts, Pre- and Post-Run Nutrition Tips, and The … [Continue reading]

Fitness Gift Guide

Fitness Gift Guide - all the best gifts for the fitness lover in your life. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah, or any special occasion.

It's officially holiday season and I'm bringing you a fitness gift guide for the best gifts for all the fitness lovers on your list. And even though we're fast approaching Christmas and Hannukah, these are gifts you can bookmark for special occasions throughout the year, for birthdays or to congratulate someone. You can also send it to people as a … [Continue reading]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Favorite Workout

Monthly Workouts for Runners Round Up - our favorite strength and running workouts. 6 awesome workouts designed by runners, for runners.

Time for another monthly workouts for runners round up! This month we have a really fun theme - Nellie, Angela, Sarah, Laura, Allie and I are sharing our favorite workouts. They're all different, but they're what we - runners, coaches, trainers - use as our go to workouts, whether for running or strength training. I have so many favorite … [Continue reading]

3 Breathing Techniques for Relaxation

3 Breathing techniques for relaxation. Stressed and find meditation difficult? Try these breathing practices for stress relief.

Meditation has amazing effects on the body, including blood pressure and immune function. There are so many options available for meditation, from apps, to classes, to online videos. I don't know if this is the same for everyone else, but I find the pressure to 'clear my mind' becomes almost debilitating any time I've tried to … [Continue reading]