Fit Mama – Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Fit Mama - Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Question: Which of the following statements about pregnancy is true? You should only exercise very lightly, if at all, during pregnancy. Pregnant women are eating for two - you should take in a lot more calories every day. Running and lifting weights during pregnancy can harm the baby. If you exercise, your heart rate should never exceed … [Continue reading]

Food Stamps Soda Ban Rejected in NYC

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is a big proponent of measures to combat obesity rates within our city. Banning trans-fats in restaurants, and bakeries in the city was a great move, and will hopefully have a health impact on New Yorkers for years to come. However, I really had mixed feelings about the proposal to ban people from buying soda or … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Hummus and Tabouleh Wrap

Lots of taste from herbs and vegies, good fat, protein, and whole grains - this wrap is a yummy lunch, and pre-making your own tabouleh gives you enough to use as a side dish or quick lunch or snack throughout the week.What's tabouleh? It's a Middle Eastern salad, most popular in Lebanon and Syria. It's also delicious. Here's my tabouleh recipe … [Continue reading]

Smaller Sips to Weight Loss

Food journals can be a great tool for losing weight, or maintaining weight loss without necessarily counting calories. Keeping track of your diet habits is great as a short-term strategy – it definitely works to keep you accountable for what you’re putting in your body, and helps you recognize habits or ‘treats’ which may be hindering a weight loss … [Continue reading]

Watermelon Summer Salad Recipe

Watermelon Summer Salad. A refreshing, crisp salad that satisfies both your sweet and savory tooth. This watermelon salad recipe is so simple and delicious!

Giant watermelon slices eaten outdoors in the summer = perfection. It's one of the things I look forward to most in the summer time. When I was very little, maybe four years old, I have a distinct memory of accompanying my dad to a job one day in the summer. He's an electrician, so his job sites are people's homes. The woman who lived there cut … [Continue reading]

Food Blogs to Salivate Over

Two very hardworking clients of mine each write their own food-themed blogs...both of which I enjoy checking out, so I thought I'd share with you.The first is a blog called Spade & Spatula, co-written by my client Nadia Arumugam, who is a food writer, editor, and cookbook author, and total foodie. Her blog is about growing food and cooking with it, … [Continue reading]

Back Away from the Non-Organic Apple…The 2011 Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual report of the Dirty Dozen - the produce with the most pesticide residue (see the 2011 list here). These are the fruits and vegies to avoid buying non-organic whenever you can. Do you really want to be ingesting pesticides? I know I'm pretty sure that rinsing my fruit before eating is not all … [Continue reading]

Crossing the Finish Line

Sunday, June 5, 2011 was a beautiful day for a race. Cool temperatures, clear skies, just the slightest breeze. I woke up with a very nervous husband about to run his first ever half marathon. In a previous post, I described my husband Fran’s terrible illness in December last year, which saw him in a coma on life support for 14 … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Mustard Baked Chicken Packets

This is a super quick and easy dinner, and an easy way to incorporate vegies into your meal. This recipe is so healthy because the flavor comes from no-calorie herbs and mustard. Recently, I served this yummy meal with a side of barley with pine nuts and asparagus. Chopped and mixed vegies for the packet filling Ingredients (serves 2):Chicken … [Continue reading]

Using Mantras for Success – Repeat as Necessary

Do you use mantras when you're running or working out? Here's why having a mantra can help you achieve results and why athletes use mantras for training.

There's such a huge mental aspect to running and training. Have you ever wondered why athletes use mantras in their training - keywords or phrases they speak or think when facing a challenge? Do these kinds of affirmations even work? And how can non-professional athletes begin using positive self-talk, or mantras, in their … [Continue reading]