Recipes – Cooking with Whole Grains

Image courtesy of Whole grains, and products made from whole grains, contain all the  essential parts and nutrients of the grain seed. If whole grains have  been cracked, cooked, rolled etc, they must retain all the nutritional value and benefits found in the grain seed in order to be considered a whole grain.So, why are whole … [Continue reading]

How Important is Diet for Weight Loss?

How Important Is Diet to Weight Loss

I started training a client about 9 weeks ago. His primary goal is weight loss, along with stress reduction and overall better health. As of yesterday, he has achieved an impressive 14lb weight loss! I am so proud of the hard work he has been putting in. So what has he done to lose the weight? He went from a sedentary lifestyle to training with me … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Bacon & Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast with Basil Corn Pancakes

Holy Yumness. It's Friday night, and I wanted to cook something super yummy but healthy for dinner. Vegetarians, avert your eyes now (or cook the Basil Corn Pancakes for brunch tomorrow!). BACON & BLUE CHEESE STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST (serves 2)** Healthy Tip: using a strong flavor cheese like blue cheese means you can use less, and have the same … [Continue reading]

Dealing with Stress

The best way to deal with stress is exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating well. This is what I tell my clients when they're dealing with a massive workload, or they have events every night. But what about when the stress is overwhelming every aspect of your life?On Wednesday, December 8 last year, my husband came home feeling unwell. For the … [Continue reading]

ING New York City Marathon 2010

The 2010 ING New York City MarathonRunners set off on the Verrazano Bridgefrom Staten Island to Brooklyn  I felt great Marathon morning! I needed to catch the 7am Staten Island Ferry, so the 6am alarm was actually a sleep-in for me.The weather was perfect. Sunny, chilly, and not a breath of wind. The lack of wind is apparently a rarity for the New … [Continue reading]


Nerd alert.I went to a great seminar last week hosted by Equinox, with Thomas Myers as the keynote speaker. Thomas Myers is a manual therapist, who studied under Dr. Ida Rolf early in his career, and wrote a book called 'Anatomy Trains'. Rather than seeing the body as made up of specific, separate muscles, Myers concentrates on large sections … [Continue reading]


One of my 6am clients announced this week that since we were heading into Autumn, with the darker, colder mornings, he was going to find it increasingly difficult to be motivated to come to the gym. I totally get it. It's hard to get out of bed when it's dark out. It's hard to drag youself to the gym when you finish an 8-hour work day and it's dark … [Continue reading]

The Magic of Massage

If you've ever trained with me, you know I'm a proponent of massage. And cardio. But you all seem to prefer it when I recommend getting a massage as opposed to spending half an hour on the elliptical! ;)So, after my terrible experience during the 18 mile race last Sunday, I decided I needed to get a massage, from someone who  had experience with … [Continue reading]


Last week I had to cut my planned 15 mile long run to 10 when I experienced some pain in my left hamstring and knee. I did all the right things, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), stayed off it 2 days, then tried out 2 shorter runs which felt fine, before tackling my planned 18-miler on Sunday.The 18 miles is actually a NYRR scheduled race, … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Baked Pesto Salmon with Opera House Potatoes

This tastes so good, and is quite possibly the easiest thing you'll ever make for dinner. Make the side dish of potatoes first, since it takes longer. When I make this, I usually also have a side of asparagus, or broccoli, or a salad. BAKED PESTO SALMON Ingredients: Salmon steak (4 - 6 oz per person is a healthy serving size) Basil pesto (1 … [Continue reading]