Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 13

Hey, remember when I lied to you guys? Ha ha, not really, not on purpose. But by the magic of pre-scheduling, I wrote that I would be out on my 22 mile long run on Friday while you were reading my post that day. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that it didn’t happen – but thank you for all the amazing messages of support! You guys are the best.

Basically, motherhood intervened. A big boy falling out of bed, followed by a baby who decided sleep was for suckers meant I crawled into bed Thursday night knowing it would be a bad idea to attempt 22 miles on less than 5 hours of sleep. One of my friends wrote to me, “Motherhood:1, Carly’s long run: 0.” Exactly.

But it did happen, eventually, and this week ended up being a pretty solid week of training. 

Current Goal: 

I can’t tell you how much I regret putting this weekly goal section into these training updates. And I am just stubborn and unwavering enough to continue with it even though I am just like, I don’t know what my current goal is! In any event, my goal last week was to survive this week’s long run without wanting to die – mission accomplished.  So, this week? I guess my goal is to mentally prepare for the marathon and try to decide how I’m going to approach pacing and goals for the race itself. More on that in another post, though.

Long Run:

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Friday didn’t work, so Mother’s Day it would have to be. I had two options – first thing in the morning, forfeiting a sleep in; or in the afternoon, forfeiting a mimosa and eggs (I can’t run after I eat eggs). My friends, this was a tough, tough choice. But I went with the eggs and mimosa and set my alarm early.

And of course, it was raining. I was soaked within about a mile – I’m talking saturated, complete with heavy, sodden sneakers. Fran told me afterward that several times in the morning he looked out the window and said to the boys, “Poor mama!” Despite the rain, it was such a successful long run! I started out super slow, only settling into a slightly faster pace once I was warm. I ate gummy bears every hour. And by mile 18, I got that weird feeling where my legs suddenly did not feel attached to me and honestly? I could have kept going for miles. 

That is training effect. That is the result of a long, tough 20 mile slog two weeks earlier – that was my body’s response to that challenge. Bodies and athletic adaptation are fascinating, yes?

Vermont City Marathon Training - Week 13. Training log with workouts, goals and hopes for the VCM on May 29, 2016! Follow along to see if this mother runner can come back strong with a PR after her second child.

Speed Workout:

Not a speed workout, but 6 miles with Baby T in the stroller counts as a run with a little extra effort required! He is such a good running partner and I’m excited for some fun runs with him post marathon training, no specific mileage in mind. When I used to run with Roman, it was a lot of stopping to prevent a meltdown with snacks and toys and snacks and toys every two minutes. Baby T enjoys gazing about, waving madly at people coming toward us and pointing and telling me about exciting things like seagulls, or trees. Bless his little cotton socks (or lack thereof). 

Vermont City Marathon Training - Week 13. Training log with workouts, goals and hopes for the VCM on May 29, 2016! Follow along to see if this mother runner can come back strong with a PR after her second child.

Regular Run:

A lovely 5 miles out on the trails this week. It was actually the day I was supposed to do my long run – and as I write this, I realize I haven’t actually even checked my splits from this run. Who am I??

Other Workouts:

Baby T and I have been doing some squatting and overhead pressing this week. Every day, twice a day, I spend about 15 minutes doing some squats and lifting or throwing him overhead. He loves it and it is hard work for me. I also got in two core workouts, since that is definitely my weak area.

Notes From the Week:

I am so proud of myself for my 22 miles. I am so happy to know that no matter what, I can do this – 26.2 miles is totally doable when you get home and feel fine following 22. 

Weekly Mileage:

33.05 miles

Total Mileage:



  1. Awesome work on the 22 miler, and in the rain, on Mother’s day!! It must have felt amazing to have that behind you. Yes, you can definitely handle the full!

  2. 22 is big!!! And you did it in rain….so yes, you’ve got it! Enjoy the taper. recently posted…When Doves CryMy Profile

  3. Great job on your 22 miles in the rain. I think that actually equals about 26.2 miles in the dry so you’ll be set come marathon day. As long as it’s dry.
    Char recently posted…Ambivalent Racing – Mother’s Day Classic ’16My Profile

  4. Awesome job on that 22 miler! Running long runs in the rain prepares you mentally for anything on race day. I’m the same way – can’t run after eating eggs, it’s just not a good combination for a happy stomach on the run. Enjoy your taper!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…How to Balance Hiking with Long Distance RunningMy Profile


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