Racecation Tips and Tricks – Just Run Series

This month on Just Run we are giving you racecation tips and tricks on how to make a destination race an amazing vacation. From planning, to packing, to relaxing after running, we have lots of real-life advice for you. Want to catch up on our past Just Run topics? Here’s what we’ve covered this year: […]

Running in a Group or Running Solo – Just Run Series

Do you always run alone? Or can you not imagine running without the support of your running group? Most runners are pretty squarely in one camp or another, so this month on the Just Run series, we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of running in a group and running solo, to see […]

Rise Run Retreat in Woodstock, VT

Right in the middle of organizing and packing and getting ready to move house this spring, my friend Sarah from Run Far Girl reached out to me for help. Rise Run Retreat, the fabulous women’s running retreat that was the brainchild of Sarah and Jesica, was going to be in Woodstock, VT in May, and […]

Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2018 Race Recap

  It was my 9th year running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon, and my favorite race didn’t disappoint. The weather was absolutely perfect for racing – chilly at the start, sunny, clear, no wind, and not too hot. This year, I ran a virtual training program through my work at the Woodstock Athletic Club and I […]

5 Things I Couldn’t Run Without – Just Run Series

We’ve all got our must-haves – the things we absolutely couldn’t run without. Today, the Just Run bloggers are sharing our 5 essentials we always have with us (or on us) when we run. Want to catch up on this year’s series so far? Here’s what we’ve covered: Tips for Beginner Runners Instagram Tips & […]

Road to the Pogue 2018 Race Recap

  The Road to the Pogue sign-up popped up as a suggested post on my Facebook feed months ago. Registration had just opened, and I barely thought twice before I signed up for it. A trail race, in the national park I love running in, within my training cycle for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon? […]

Best Race Ever – Just Run Series

Just in case you were bummed out by the collective worst races ever from the Just Run bloggers, we decided to cheer you up with our best race ever stories this month. Catch up on all our past round ups here: Tips for Beginner Runners Instagram Tips and Tricks for Runners Worst. Race. Ever. Every […]

Worst. Race. EVER. – Just Run Series

At first, this may seem like a terribly negative topic for this month’s Just Run series – the worst race ever. And yes, you will hear tales of woe about terrible conditions, how everything went wrong, and pain, pain, pain. But here’s the thing about a no-good, terrible race…if you can learn from it, it […]

Instagram Tips and Tricks for Runners – Just Run Series

Welcome to another installment of the Just Run series with me and some other running coaches and bloggers: Angela, Sarah, Nellie, Allie, Laura, and Sandra! In case you missed last month’s post, we started off 2018 with tips for beginner runners – you can read it here. This is our third year of collaborating to […]

Tips for Beginner Runners – Just Run Series

First we brought you a ton of awesome Workouts for Runners. Then we shared our best coaching tips and tricks with you on Run It. This year? We’re back, and we want you to Just Run. Introducing our latest monthly running collaboration – in Just Run, every month Angela, Sarah, Nellie, Allie, Laura, Sandra and […]