Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2018 Race Recap

  It was my 9th year running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon, and my favorite race didn’t disappoint. The weather was absolutely perfect for racing – chilly at the start, sunny, clear, no wind, and not too hot. This year, I ran a virtual training program through my work at the Woodstock Athletic Club and I […]

Road to the Pogue 2018 Race Recap

  The Road to the Pogue sign-up popped up as a suggested post on my Facebook feed months ago. Registration had just opened, and I barely thought twice before I signed up for it. A trail race, in the national park I love running in, within my training cycle for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon? […]

Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2017

What a gorgeous morning for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon! Our weather has been all over the place recently and there’s definitely been a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks, so it was a lovely surprise to a have a cool morning that became a warm, sunny day as the race went on. […]

Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2016 – A finish line I needed

When I signed up for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon, it was kind of a whim. I had deliberately not made a note of registration day (the race sells out in less than an hour when registration opens), because I was already in for the Vermont City Marathon and the CBHM was just one week […]

My First Half Marathon Experience

Last week when I was out on a run, building up my base mileage for the Vermont City Marathon, I got halfway up the damn hill that’s been kicking my butt for the past couple of months and slowed down to a walk. And what was going through my head? I can’t do this. What […]

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2015 – Spectator Edition

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, I was killing it in the Brooklyn Half Marathon, running a PR I’d been training for months to nail. This year? Not so much with the speed, or the distance – more of a walk up to Prospect Park, wheeling a stroller with one hand, umbrella […]

Scenes from a weekend #54

I love this time of the year. That’s right, we finally got ourselves a Christmas tree. Every year we seem to be surprised when we realize Christmas is right around the corner – less than three weeks now! So we hunted…  And we gathered…  And then we decorated! It was SO much fun. When Roman […]

NYRR Oakley Mini 10K Recap – 2014

Confession: I kind of forgot I was running this race. Crazy, because I already explained last year how much I love this race – it’s girl power to the extreme. One of the original co-founders of the race in 1972 was running legend Katherine Switzer – who comes out every year and gives a spirited speech […]

Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2014 Recap. At least there was beer…

The Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont – I love this half marathon. I really do. It’s stunningly beautiful – you start at the base of a ski field, then run through a pretty town, past farms, through a covered bridge, along a river – I mean, it’s so picturesque it hurts. What doesn’t hurt is that […]

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2014 – PR Baby!!

You know you ran a good race when you’re still sore two days later. I can’t remember ever being this sore after a half marathon. In fact, the last time I felt this way was after running 26.2 miles. In the last week, after I decided to attempt 1:45 at the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I […]