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Fit Mama FridayThe Fit Mama Friday series highlights mothers (and recently a couple of dads!) who make fitness a priority in their life. Learn their tips for making it work, as well as be inspired by their stories of weight loss, overcoming obstacles and motivating others.
Running Tips - How to Run FasterThe Running Tips series gives advice on racing, training, injury, getting faster and more. Check out some popular Running Tips posts like Starting From Scratch, 8 Tips for Mastering the Long Run, Recovering From a Race, and How to Develop a Race Strategy.
At Home Express Workout - no equipment necessary! - from Fine Fit DayDo you give up on working out because you realize you only have 20 minutes? You can still get a great workout done with only a short period of time available – 3 Quick Workouts gives you three options, all of which you can sweat through in less than 30 minutes. Don’t have time to get to the gym? No worries, two of these can be done anywhere!
The Best Running Routes in NYC (chosen by New York running bloggers). Whether you want to check out iconic Central Park, a skyline view, or running on the beach, NYC based running bloggers have you covered with these amazing places to run in New York City!If you’re looking for an NYC running route that not every tourist will be running, this is your guide! | travel | | running | | NYC |Whether you’re a New Yorker, or planning a trip and want to find a great route to run, I canvassed some New York runners and bloggers to see where it was they love running the most in this city for The Best Places to Run in NYC. From bridges, beaches, river roads, iconic parks, to skyline views and more!
50 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Today. Overhauling your lifestyle all at once is hard, but making small heathy habits stick one at a time is something you can handle. Check out this list of healthy habits from all areas of life: exercise, eating, mental and spiritual health, as well as love and relationships and find what you can incorporate into your life.I’m a huge proponent of taking small steps to make big changes toward a healthier lifestyle. In 50 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Now, I shared 50 small ways you can make a change and create a healthy habit, without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. It all adds up when you start small and work your way up to a total lifestyle change.
Easy Meals Vegetable FrittataI love sharing recipes on the blog. From soups and stews to cookies and snacks, you’ll find lots of simple recipes you can easily adjust. My Vegetable Frittata recipe was a popular post because it’s easy to make, you can include whatever ingredients you like and it’s delicious for any meal of the day.