High Five Friday

It’s been a  long time since I wrote a High Five Friday post (it’s Angela’s brainchild, I just borrow it). So here’s a chance for you to catch up a little on what I’ve been up to recently and for me to share some link love. 


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- great photos, links and read from the week

Gorgeous sunset over Lake Champlain. This view just makes me happy and feel better about anything on my mind. It’s hard to look at this and not feel calm.

My last day in NYC on my recent trip! I dragged my butt out of bed to take Christine’s sunrise yoga class and it was wonderful. Bend and Bloom was my favorite yoga studio in NYC.

I kind of love airports. Is that weird? I just love the people-watching and seeing all the destinations, remembering trips past and imagining adventures future.

So yesterday it was nearly 70 degrees here in Vermont. This photo was last week when we had a couple of snowstorms over three days. Crazy, crazy (but I hope the spring-like weather is here for good now).

My little loves. It was so lovely to come home to these two. This was in the middle of one of our kitchen dance parties. šŸ™‚


Me, every time:

- great photos, links and read from the week

Anyone can be a runner:

- great photos, links and read from the week

You have the song in your head now, don’t you?

- great photos, links and read from the week

At least it’s not a cat:

- great photos, links and read from the week

Important PSA:

- great photos, links and read from the week


The lovely and talented (and fast) Tina Muir was published in The Guardian. Check out her article on battle running demons here.

Carla wrote about ghosting, when it happens with a friend. I’ve never thought about it in this way (I feel like that should be the beginning of every comment I write on Carla’s posts!)

One of the supposedly cardinal blogging rules is that you have to stay consistent with your blogging schedule, or no one will read your blog…I don’t care how often Paria blogs, I drop everything to read her posts, because they’re always wonderful. This one in particular is a must read: Runner.

I love gear reviews where real runners test the products. Women’s Running had three female runners test shorts, tights and skirts with the top three of each category listed.

Also in Women’s Running, Nat from Nat Runs Far wrote about the 6 Habits for Staying Healthy During Marathon Training – all you spring marathoners will have started training by now, so check out Nat’s tips!


Happy almost weekend, my friends! šŸ™‚



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