Rise Run Retreat – 2019 in Woodstock, Vermont

Rise Run Retreat – 2019 in Woodstock, Vermont. How a women’s running retreat can make you find your inner running mojo.

Hiking with Kids – Tips and tricks for making hiking a fun family adventure

Ever since I moved to Woodstock, Vermont, I have taken my boys out hiking whenever I could. I’m lucky to be living in a place where we are never far from a trail, a beautiful view, and a new challenge. Since I last shared with you (and yes…I know it’s been a while) my life […]

Rise Run Retreat in Woodstock, VT

Right in the middle of organizing and packing and getting ready to move house this spring, my friend Sarah from Run Far Girl reached out to me for help. Rise Run Retreat, the fabulous women’s running retreat that was the brainchild of Sarah and Jesica, was going to be in Woodstock, VT in May, and […]

Mother’s Day Jewelry for Fit Mamas

Here’s what every mother wants for Mother’s Day: To sleep in totally uninterrupted until we wake up of our own accord, no alarm, and definitely no small people climbing on us or asking us 300 questions. To not have to cook, OR do dishes. But jewelry never hurts, either. 🙂 I’ve put together a little […]

Instagram Tips and Tricks for Runners – Just Run Series

Welcome to another installment of the Just Run series with me and some other running coaches and bloggers: Angela, Sarah, Nellie, Allie, Laura, and Sandra! In case you missed last month’s post, we started off 2018 with tips for beginner runners – you can read it here. This is our third year of collaborating to […]

How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself makes loving others easier. It makes life easier – without as much focus on looking for acceptance and reinforcement from the people in your life, you have more energy and love to give others. Here are tips on how to love yourself.  Be kind to yourself. Nobody is perfect, but the imperfections we […]

Real Life Resolutions

I’m not usually a New Year Resolutions type of person. But this year, I’m making a conscious effort to work toward some real life resolutions to find more joy in my everyday. This year, I resolve… To be kind. Call it empathy, call it patience and love in one happy package, but kindness is what […]

Gift Guide for Healthy Cooks

If someone you love is health-conscious, and they love cooking and eating, then this gift guide for healthy cooks is what you need for gift ideas! Even for those foodies who aren’t so much at home in the kitchen, you’ll still find some presents that will appeal to their love of eating healthy. In case […]

Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

Today it’s all things yoga on Fine Fit Day! If you have a yoga-loving friend, relative, or significant other on your holiday shopping list, then this list is for you. The gift guide for yoga lovers has practical gifts like props and yoga accessories, clothing, fun yoga-themed gifts, and jewelry. Go beyond buying a mat […]

Let’s Talk About Stretch, Baby – Stretching Tips from a Personal Trainer

“I really should stretch more…”   If you’ve ever uttered these words, then you can join the club of most of the population, who vaguely know they should be stretching, just not how, why, when, or for how long. Stretching is one of the areas of working out that many people feel totally at a […]