High Five Friday – Big News!

Happy almost weekend! This week finally, finally saw Vermont getting some summer preview temperatures and I was pretty happy about that! Given I’ve been out running in long sleeves up until recently, I’m more than ready for shorts and tank top weather.

I have lots of fun news to share with you, so I figured it was time to link up with Angela for a High Five Friday post. 


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High Five Friday - Big News! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

I’m loving the trails in my new area. I already have some favorite spots, but there are still many trails I see marked as turns off wherever I’m running and think, oh I should check that route out on my next run! My pace is definitely suffering thanks to all the hills and the twisting and turning, but what I’m lacking in pace I like to think I’m getting back in overall strength and endurance. (Check out the difference in elevation climb from all of my April running to only half of May so far, below!) But mostly I’m just happy because it’s oh-so-pretty and serene to be running out in the national park.

High Five Friday - Big News! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

Speaking of serene, I had a morning to myself recently when I didn’t have the boys and I slept in, then did some yoga in my living room as a morning treat. I have a little deck that looks out over lawn and trees and it was a lovely way to ease into my day. A couple of hours later I was in full-on mama mode again, so I was thankful for my moment of zen!

My Mother’s Day was very low-key. I made the boys some chocolate chip oatmeal and made myself eggs for breakfast, and in the afternoon once Tanner was done with his nap, the three of us went out for a “hike”. I use that term loosely because it is very slow and pretty short and I end up carrying Tanner most of the way back (while Roman literally runs circles around us!). So, see in that photo, Tanner is clutching 2 Duplo Lego guys? Well, when we were nearly back to where I’d parked, I realized he didn’t have them anymore. Uh oh. Luckily it didn’t occur to him, but the next day I chose that area to go for my run so I could search and sadly, I didn’t find them! Hopefully some other little intrepid hiker discovered them and is loving on them. Knock on wood, Tanner hasn’t missed them yet!

I was overly proud of myself for changing the shower head in my bathroom by myself. (Well, I may have had a little advice on what kind of wrench I needed to buy and that I needed thread tape too.) The head that was on there was making this awful high-pitched squeal every time I turned it on, and the new one is silent and works like a charm. P.S. It was so easy to do!

Roman is still into having his nails painted whenever I do mine. The other day during Tanner’s nap time I gave us both manicures. He chose red and blue to be like the sirens on a police car – he’s going through a police officer stage right now.


My biggest news (in case you missed it) was becoming an American citizen last week…after a short 17 years living in the US. You can read my post about what ended up being a surprisingly emotional experience for me here.

This week my baby boy Roman (okay, okay, he’s 5 years old) got registered for kindergarten! It is so crazy to think my little boy is big enough to be going off to school. He met his new teacher and a few new classmates, and this September I’ll be sending him off for his first day.

High Five Friday - Big News! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!

Some more big news! I’ve started a new job this week, as the lead personal trainer at a health club in my new town. As you read this I’ll be well into my first couple of days of orientation. This is my first job working for someone other than myself since Roman was born in 2012, so this is a big transition for me, and one I’m really excited about. It will be so fantastic to be working in a gym setting again!

I’m proud to be a Spandits Ambassador for the third year. My only issue with Spandits is trying to decide which pattern to wear when I run or race! If you haven’t checked them out yet, take a look at their great bottoms, accessories and dresses here and use the code SPANDITSLOVE for 10% off (tell them I sent you!).

And finally…I bring you this moment of joy from my boys. Despite being unwieldy and hard to navigate, there’s nothing like seeing how happy it makes them to drive the cart for mama.

High Five Friday - Big News! Kicking off the weekend with great reads and fun news from the week. We all need a little positivity in our life!


Okay, this doesn’t fall into the whole positive vibes part of High Five Friday, but I want to share Ellen from Tale of Two Run’s post. I am so heartbroken for her that she basically cannot run anymore. Like ever. But I will say from being a reader of Ellen’s blog since nearly the beginning, she has such a positive, happy spirit. I know she’s hurting now but I have no doubt she’ll come out a stronger person. 

This article has some great advice on having a pre-race plan and how that helps you on race day. I admit, the one I’m not always 100% about is the training in adverse conditions. If it’s pouring out, or ridiculously hot, I will still run, but I might try to rearrange my training schedule a bit so I’m not doing a long run in the rain, or speed intervals in the heat. If I can’t rearrange, I do try to suck it up, though. 

After reading Christine’s article about the Red Hook Crit for espnW, I now wish I’d known about it when I lived in Brooklyn so I could have gone and watched! It sounds crazy and exciting and a great spectator sport.

Sandra’s first pregnancy experience was a hard read because it brought home that none of us are guaranteed good health. No-one knows when something will happen to shake up your world, that no amount of healthy living can stop from happening. I’m so glad her story had a happy ending, but it’s important for us to be reading and hearing about what can and does happen every day, at a time when health care is very much an issue in this country.

New Yorkers! Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama is hosting a FREE workout at the fitness facility Switch Playground on Monday, May 22nd. Check out her post so you can sign up if you’re available (it would usually cost $36 so it’s a great freebie!). And while you’re at it, you should sign up for her blog updates because she’s going to be offering these free workouts at premier NYC fitness spaces every month. I so wish I was there so I could go hang with her and try these workouts.

So that my news and shares for the week! What’s going on for you this weekend?