About Carly

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Carly, the personal trainer, runner, writer and mama behind Fine Fit Day.

The Personal Trainer

I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer with a diploma from the American Academy of Personal Training. My specialities are pre and post-natal training, training runners, as well as training people to be awesome and enjoy their bodies and abilities. I shared why I became a personal trainer here.

The Runner

About Carly - Fine Fit Day

I’m a RRCA Certified Running Coach and running is my passion. I’ve competed in races from the 1 mile to the marathon, run through both my pregnancies, as well as had to start from scratch after injury and postpartum. I’ve run two (nearly three) marathons, fourteen half marathons, one 14K, eleven 10K’s, eight 5 miles, twenty 4 miles, one 6K, and one 5K. Running has overjoyed me, humbled me, frustrated me and is a big part of who I am. Recently I have also become more interested in yoga, which I think complements running well and of course, as a trainer I love lifting. You can read all my running posts here (or just check out my Running Tips series!).

The Writer

As well as this blog, I’ve been a columnist for The Stir and written guest posts and articles for several blogs and publications. I’ve also been quoted for a number of articles and features. You can check out my writing highlights here.

The Mama

About Carly - Fine Fit Day

I’m a proud mama to Roman, born in 2012, who is currently a big fan of Batman, Lego, ‘potions’ and science, Captain Underpants, grilled cheese sandwiches, lime yogurt, mint choc chip ice cream, and Minecraft.

My other main little man is Tanner, born in 2015. Tanner is possibly the happiest little guy around. His current interests include Batman, “bad guys” (Joker and Penguin), hugging, Knuffle Bunny, drawing, Lego, hot dogs, bananas, and whatever his brother is doing.

Check out my parenting posts, as well as posts on pregnancy and prenatal fitness

Other Random Facts About Me

I’m an Aussie, from the Blue Mountains (about an hour and a half drive inland from Sydney). I became a US citizen in 2017.

After living in NYC for 15 years (10 of them in Brooklyn) I moved to Burlington, Vermont in Autumn 2015. Now I’m living in Woodstock, Vermont and loving the trail running here!

I was an Art History major and interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, as well as at the MoMA in New York. I ended up working at MoMA after that internship and fell in love with NYC.

I love hockey. I am a huge fan of the NY Rangers.

My favorite album is Beggar’s Banquet by The Rolling Stones.

Other things I love (in no particular order) are traveling anywhere (but especially anywhere in Europe or with an amazing beach), coffee, HGTV (especially House Hunters and Property Brothers), Die Hard, quoting Die Hard, cooking (here are some of my recipes!), reading (a few favorite authors off the top of my head are Ann Patchett, Jane Austen, David Mitchell, Tim Winton, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King), red wine (cab sav is my jam and I just taught you an Australianism right there – short for cabernet sauvignon), IPA beer (my brother’s motto in life is “life is too short to drink bad beer” and I’m with him on that one), skipping the traveling exhibitions in favor of the permanent collection at museums so you can revisit old favorites over and over again, and chocolate.

Scenes from a weekend

Here are all the social media places you can connect with me:

On Pinterest, which I LOVE and use a lot. You’ll find lots of running, yoga, recipes, pregnancy and postpartum fitness articles, as well as other bits and bobs. Also, I am so appreciative when you share my writing with people, but it’s especially awesome to have my posts pinned, so feel free to pin with abandon! 😉

On Instagram, which might be my favorite social media channel. I share pics of my boys, as well as workouts, running, occasionally food (although I usually forget to take pictures because I just want to eat!), quotes and random things from my life.

On Facebook, where I share all my blog updates, some of my friends’ posts/offers/cool stuff they’re doing, as well as pictures and little snippets from my training life.

On Twitter, where I share my posts, lots of other posts I’ve been reading and occasionally am able to have some fun back-and-forth (although less now that I have two little ones). The posts I share on Twitter are often the ones I gather together when I do an occasional link love blog post – I’ve always read and enjoyed everything I share there.

And of course you can subscribe to have posts emailed directly to you, so you never miss an update!

Thanks so much for reading – I love my readers and love sharing with you guys.